How To Make Mother’s Day Card From Scrap Fabric

Mother’s Day is near and  some of you may have prepared a lovely gift to your mom. If you haven’t prepare any gift to your beloved mom, but have been thinking of making a DIY present to give your mom on Mother’s Day; then you can check out my idea of DIY Mother’s Day gift. However, those with special gift in hand ready for your mom, you can get the inspiration of my easy Mother’s Day Card From Scrap Fabric. Like always, I share with you the tutorial on how to make the diy scrap fabric card.


I made this very easy card by adding a fabric flower as the focal point of the Mother’s day card. I chose flower because I guess almost all moms love flowers, I know my mom does. And I finished it of  with simple sentiment; Happy Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day card project is easy to make not just because it takes easy steps to make, but also easy supplies to find at home. I used the hardboard card from the old table calendar as a material for the card. So, basically the two main ingredients are recycling things. How do I make it possible? Check out below tutorial!

Things To Prepared 

Take a look at your scrap fabric stash at home and find some pretty soft fabrics that would look great as fabric flower, then you are good to go. Very common things to be re-used to prepare this Mother’s Day Gifts best friend; a Mother’s Day Card.

  • Thick cardboard of the table calendar stand
  • Fabric scrap ( I chose pink shade with flowery pattern and a soft fabric )
  • White marker
  • UHU Glue


How To Make

As simple as the supplies, the making of this Mother’s Day Card From Scrap Fabric is also very simple. It’s a no sew fabric project so this Mother’s Day Card for Mother’s Day is a super easy DIY. Your would only need glue to do this fabric card! Anyway, let me share how I make this scrap fabric mother’s Day card.

  1. Take an old table calendar and cut off the cardboard stand. I used a 5.5 x 8 inches cardboard as the card. My card is in black color which I think it’s a good contrast to the fabric flower.
  2. My fabric came from a sleeve of an old dress I’ve upcycled. So I cut the fabric in ring connected ribbon. Cut the scrap fabric into 4 different widths from the biggest to the smallest. It’s around 2.1 inches width to the smallest around 1 inch. I didn’t measure it when I cut it, I just used my proportion instinct.
  3. Apply some glue on the middle above card and glue the fabric into a wavy circle. do the same until the four fabric ribbon glued together. Remember to start from the biggest width fabric to the smallest. Let it dry.
  4. Now it’s time for the writing job. Write “Happy Mother’s Day” below the fabric flower on the card by using white marker. Let it dry.
  5. And you can write anything you’d like at the back of the Mother’s Day card.


Tips : The card should contrast the fabric flower, so if the card is dark, use a light color fabric. And if your card is light color, use dark fabric. For black and white card, you can use any contrast color, but for other colors card, you should choose a same shade of the card and the fabric to get a best result. For example, dark blue card with a light blue fabric. Another thing is, you can substitute the scrap fabric with ribbon if you don’t have any scrap fabric.

A beautiful gift for your wonderful mom would be an unforgettable day to your mom if you pair it with an handmade Mother’s Day card. Very personal, loving gesture to be translated into this Mother’s Day Card From Scrap Fabric. Want to try? Good luck and add some creativity to it!


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Truck Sketches for Kid’s Play Room

Truck Sketches for Kid’s Play Room

Yes, I’m doing a truck sketches for my kid’s play room. I have been wanting to do an artwork that I can hang on my kid’s play room for months. Something he would love. Hmm… maybe a truck! I always have a thing for vintage car. I love all the curves and the complicated details of the vintage cars usually have. When I think of vintage cars, I think of Volkswagen right away, not just because of the signature beetle look, but also it is so cute and fits picture perfect for a little boy’s truck.


So, this is just a half way of what I wanted to complete. I browsed for this bug truck and found so many inspiring bug truck I can sketch. This truck sketches will show three views of a VW Bug Truck 1967 which I have finished two views, front view and side view. I drew the truck sketches with pencil first, then I colored it with watercolor pencil. I chose the red color because kids tend to be attracted to red and it pops!


I really love the look of this truck, it has so many curves and details. Strong character. The color, it’s just pop! It’s a truck (masculine) but it’s cute like a beetle. It’s a whole package for a boy’s toy.


As soon as I finished the car sketches and coloring with the complete three views on the VW ’67 Bug Truck, I will frame it and ready for my kid’s play room decoration.

So, enjoy the two drawings first, and I will be back soon with the third bigger sketch.

Sketch your creativity!

See you!



A Beautiful Woman – Happy Mother’s Day

A Beautiful Woman – Happy Mother’s Day


This pencil sketch of a beautiful woman is dedicated to all mothers, they are all remarkably beautiful. Their beauty shines through their never ending love, care, sacrifice and devotion.



Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies! Rise and shine!



Be a creative mom!

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Blooming Beauty – Pencil Sketch Drawing

Blooming Beauty – Pencil Sketch Drawing

Yesterday afternoon, I Just chilled out for while when suddenly I had an urge to draw a beautiful girl with big pretty eyes. It’s been a long time since I draw girls in pencil sketch. I used to draw that a lot.


Her eyes are so big and pretty that reminds me of spring time where flowers are blooming. and a girl’s beauty is blooming on the young age. That is why I named it “Blooming Beauty”.


I add a big fabric flower to her dress for the spring touch.


So, I hope you enjoy my drawing, and maybe you should try it. Then when it’s done, frame it or use it as a collage and decor your home with your handmade piece.


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Draw some creativity!

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