Truck Sketches for Kid’s Play Room

Truck Sketches for Kid’s Play Room

Yes, I’m doing a truck sketches for my kid’s play room. I have been wanting to do an artwork that I can hang on my kid’s play room for months. Something he would love. Hmm… maybe a truck! I always have a thing for vintage car. I love all the curves and the complicated details of the vintage cars usually have. When I think of vintage cars, I think of Volkswagen right away, not just because of the signature beetle look, but also it is so cute and fits picture perfect for a little boy’s truck.


So, this is just a half way of what I wanted to complete. I browsed for this bug truck and found so many inspiring bug truck I can sketch. This truck sketches will show three views of a VW Bug Truck 1967 which I have finished two views, front view and side view. I drew the truck sketches with pencil first, then I colored it with watercolor pencil. I chose the red color because kids tend to be attracted to red and it pops!


I really love the look of this truck, it has so many curves and details. Strong character. The color, it’s just pop! It’s a truck (masculine) but it’s cute like a beetle. It’s a whole package for a boy’s toy.


As soon as I finished the car sketches and coloring with the complete three views on the VW ’67 Bug Truck, I will frame it and ready for my kid’s play room decoration.

So, enjoy the two drawings first, and I will be back soon with the third bigger sketch.

Sketch your creativity!

See you!