DIY Artwork – Truck Drawing for Kid’s Room

DIY Artwork – Truck Drawing for Kid’s Room

Hello everyone! Finally I finished my whole drawings of VW 1967 Bug Truck in red color. On my previous post (Truck Sketches for Kid’s Playroom), I have done 2 smaller drawings, which were front view and side view of the VW bug truck. For completing the artwork for my kid’s room, I drew the bigger view of the red truck plus the artsy wording of the truck’s name.


I haven’t decide it yet on where to hang the artwork of the truck drawing. So, I just put it in the table on my kid’s room. I used a white simple frame; well, actually that’s the only available frame I have that fits the size of the truck drawing. And I don’t have the bigger frame either.


I sketched it with pencil then I colored it with watercolor pencils. I don’t use too many colors, mostly red, blue and black. I want the VW ’67 Bug Truck to be the spotlight of the drawing, that is why I have them in red.


My husband loves it, my son said “it’s beautiful, mommy!” , so it’s more than enough to me, it is well paid-off after spending times coloring the truck drawings. And I love to see it in my kid’s room. It’s screams for Boys!


Well, I hope you all enjoy my artwork of VW 1967 bug truck for kid’s room. Or even more, got inspired! It can also a great artwork for Father’s Day gift which has passed.

See you!

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Stay Creative!




Truck Sketches for Kid’s Play Room

Truck Sketches for Kid’s Play Room

Yes, I’m doing a truck sketches for my kid’s play room. I have been wanting to do an artwork that I can hang on my kid’s play room for months. Something he would love. Hmm… maybe a truck! I always have a thing for vintage car. I love all the curves and the complicated details of the vintage cars usually have. When I think of vintage cars, I think of Volkswagen right away, not just because of the signature beetle look, but also it is so cute and fits picture perfect for a little boy’s truck.


So, this is just a half way of what I wanted to complete. I browsed for this bug truck and found so many inspiring bug truck I can sketch. This truck sketches will show three views of a VW Bug Truck 1967 which I have finished two views, front view and side view. I drew the truck sketches with pencil first, then I colored it with watercolor pencil. I chose the red color because kids tend to be attracted to red and it pops!


I really love the look of this truck, it has so many curves and details. Strong character. The color, it’s just pop! It’s a truck (masculine) but it’s cute like a beetle. It’s a whole package for a boy’s toy.


As soon as I finished the car sketches and coloring with the complete three views on the VW ’67 Bug Truck, I will frame it and ready for my kid’s play room decoration.

So, enjoy the two drawings first, and I will be back soon with the third bigger sketch.

Sketch your creativity!

See you!