How To Make Nautical Ornaments By Using Only Cotton Rope And Popsicle Sticks

At first, I was only making one Nautical ornament from only cotton rope and popsicle sticks; which is ship wheel for my upcoming coastal theme project. But then, I ended up making more Nautical ornaments; an anchor and a life buoy. Do you want to know how to make the three Nautical ornaments from only two materials; cotton rope and popsicle sticks? Well, let’s begin!

Things to prepare on how to do Nautical ornaments :

  • Cotton rope
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue
  • White acrylic paint
  • Blue acrylic paint


Steps for making the ship wheel, anchor and life buoy from cotton rope and popsicle sticks are so simple :

  1. Ship wheel : glue cotton rope to shape a full circle. Paint four ice sticks with white acrylic. Glue the four sticks like in the picture. Glue the cotton rope to the ice cream sticks and make the outer circle. Finished!
  2. Anchor : Paint two ice sticks with white. Cut and glue ice sticks like in the picture. Use cotton rope to make the top ring of the anchor and the bottom arch with nods ending. Finished!
  3. Life buoy : Shape a donut from cotton rope with glue. Paint one popsicle stick with light blue and cut in four. Glue the four sticks each to the life buoy as shown on the picture. Finished!


Super easy to make! Only using cotton rope and popsicle sticks! Great nautical ornaments for any coastal or beach theme diy projects. It would be a great ornament addition to a marine decor. That is why you should see my next nautical project for home decoration which perfect for summer or seaside decor.


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