How To Make Your Home Naturally Smell Good With A Can Of Coffee Beans

How to make your home naturally free from bad odor and smell good? One of the easiest thing to do is using a can full of roasted coffee bean. The aroma from the roasted coffee bean will neutralized most of any bad smell. Grounded coffee would also does the trick. You can put it in the living room, kitchen or even bathroom where sometimes it’s where the bad smell is coming from.

A coffee bean is naturally a seed from a coffee plant and the source the cup of your morning coffee. Coffee bean is actually a seed, it referred as “bean” because of the resemblance with a real bean. Both coffee bean and grounded coffee can be used to neutralize odors. Coffee bean work wonderfully in emitting a strong odor and can over power by neutralizing or absorbing other strong odors like vomit, garlic, onions, urine and even dead animals.


Great for eliminating bad odors, coffee beans have also do wonders in cleaning your smelling palate from your nose.  That is why some perfume stands would prepare a can of coffee beans for you to smell after you have smell a perfume. This will allowing you to continue to smell fragrance after fragrance when selecting a perfume. This would also apply to ease a bad smell from your smelling palate.

Having coffee beans as natural way to get rid of bad smell in your home would be better if it’s presented in a pretty way. Use the coffee beans as decoration element to your home. How do I make my home smell good and in the same time use it as decoration? I placed the coffee beans on an upcycled food tin can which I have painted and decorated.


How to make a can of coffee beans as the natural bad smell killer and a decoration as well? I made the coffee beans can as a coastal theme decoration. And here are the things I used to do the upcycled project:

  1. Tin can ( I upcycled a small tuna can)
  2. Light blue acrylic paint
  3. Hemp rope
  4. A white seashell
  5. Glue
  6. Roasted coffee beans


Easy steps to make the coffee beans can are:

  1. Clean the used tin can and paint it with light blue paint. Leave it ti dry.
  2. Tie a hemp rope on the tin can’s mouth, make a bow and finished it with a white seashell by using some glue.
  3. Fill in some roasted coffee beans until it’s full.
  4. Finished! Put it in any place you want the natural coffee beans to work its wonders in eliminating unwanted smell.


Picture25If you want your home to be  not just free from bad odors but also smells like morning coffee, you can put a candle in the middle of the coffee beans inside the decorated can. Some say, it would smell incredible with vanilla scented candle. It would light up your home with amazing smell. Great for party and gathering! Interested to try this natural way to make your home smell good by using coffee beans in pretty decorated can? I hope you do and be creative with the coffee beans can!

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15 thoughts on “How To Make Your Home Naturally Smell Good With A Can Of Coffee Beans”

  1. I love it! I actually love the coffee smell so much and taste as well 😊 this is so creative and beautiful and also the odor will be amazing as well 😊
    I heard about the coffee beans when you’re smelling fragrances after I worked a while in fragrances, didn’t know it before 😊
    From Tuna can and few other tools, you made such great can that smells great 👌
    Have a great weekend 🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow Huguette, I’m so glad you love it! Now that you know, you may want to try it at home, place it anywhere you like it, I’m sure it will raise your mood! Thank you Huguette!

      Liked by 1 person

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