Home Office Plus Kid’s Room on Garden – Interior

Home Office Plus Kid’s Room on Garden – Interior

Hello again, on my previous post I have designed a place on the back garden, an office, a sanctuary, a place for little gathering with closed friends and family, hobbies room and a little place for my kid to play. Yes, a place of home office plus kid’s room on a garden. I have shown the floor plan on my previous post (Home Office Plus Kid’s Room on Garden – Floor Plan). This tiny little house has a mezzanine for the kid’s room while the office is under the mezzanine.


The house is consist of office area, sitting area and on the mezzanine is the kid’s play room. It’s 2.8 m x 2.8 m, with the height of 2.5 m and minus 0.7 m from the ground level, that would make the total height  of 3.2 m. So, I’m sure anyone can build it on their backyard without any permission what so ever. The office area height to the mezzanine is 1.8 m and the mezzanine area is only 2.8 m x 1.4 m. So, the sitting area will be the cleared space with high ceiling.

So, these are the perspectives of the interior from the side-front view and side-rear view.


The interior is a white wooden flooring, white wall, white as a based color. Second color is turquoise, third is yellow and grey. A dash of nautical ambience which goes along with summer colors palette to get a holiday feeling of refreshing. Huge french door and windows on the front side of the garden house for maximum light.

The office has a long “L” shape table to do kinds of work which I love, bigger table, more space to do your creativity. Storage under table, squeeze in a mini fridge for myself and entertaining friends; which you can do it in the sitting area. The sitting area has a sofa and a banquette which also serve as storage maybe for some blanket or pillows.


The mezzanine has a little sofa, a set of little table and chair, a yellow bean bag, a blackboard and some nautical decorations. And the great part is, a huge storage for toys and crafts; the long shelve which also act as the railing for the mezzanine is perfect for storage.

On my next post, there will be the exterior views to complete the whole design of the home office plus kid’s room on garden.

See you!

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DIY Artwork – Truck Drawing for Kid’s Room

DIY Artwork – Truck Drawing for Kid’s Room

Hello everyone! Finally I finished my whole drawings of VW 1967 Bug Truck in red color. On my previous post (Truck Sketches for Kid’s Playroom), I have done 2 smaller drawings, which were front view and side view of the VW bug truck. For completing the artwork for my kid’s room, I drew the bigger view of the red truck plus the artsy wording of the truck’s name.


I haven’t decide it yet on where to hang the artwork of the truck drawing. So, I just put it in the table on my kid’s room. I used a white simple frame; well, actually that’s the only available frame I have that fits the size of the truck drawing. And I don’t have the bigger frame either.


I sketched it with pencil then I colored it with watercolor pencils. I don’t use too many colors, mostly red, blue and black. I want the VW ’67 Bug Truck to be the spotlight of the drawing, that is why I have them in red.


My husband loves it, my son said “it’s beautiful, mommy!” , so it’s more than enough to me, it is well paid-off after spending times coloring the truck drawings. And I love to see it in my kid’s room. It’s screams for Boys!


Well, I hope you all enjoy my artwork of VW 1967 bug truck for kid’s room. Or even more, got inspired! It can also a great artwork for Father’s Day gift which has passed.

See you!

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