DIY Among Us Craft

Summer holiday needs a lot of activity ideas for kids to have fun and learn something. Last time I have shared with you a Free Printable Unicorn Coloring Page, and today I have an exciting upcycling project for you and your kids to make; A DIY Among Us Craft – pencil holders. Among us game characters are a hit among kids nowadays. The bright colors and the cute looking figure are keeping kids interested. That’s why it’s a great choice to make use of some used soda cans and make it into something useful like a pencil holder. So, it’s not just teaching the kids about upcycling trash, but also have fun with their favorites and get something useful to teach them more about organizing their art supplies. Sounds fun? Of course, let me guide you through some simple tutorials and I’m sure you can make my Among Us pencil holders even better.

Things To Prepare

It looks like a long list of materials, but actually those are just simple craft supplies and the main material is a used soda can. Don’t use a slim soda can, use the full size soda or beer cans to get a good proportion of the among us. Anyway, here is the list of supplies to make my DIY Among Us Craft Pencil Holder :

  • Soda cans
  • White spray paint
  • Blue spray paint
  • Red spray paint
  • Yellow spray paint
  • Yellow craft foam
  • Blue craft foam
  • Red craft foam
  • Black marker
  • Hot glue

How To Make

This Among Us Pencil Holder is actually not too difficult to make, it’s a simple craft even to do with kids. You can split the task with your kids, easy works like cutting the craft foams or spray painting, can be done by them and you can do tricky steps. Anyway, let’s just go to the tutorial on how to make my DIY Among Us Craft of a pencil holder :

1 .Cut the top side of three soda cans with can opener. Wash all of them and let it dry.

2 .Now, spray paint each can with red, blue and yellow paint. Let them all dry.

3 .Continued with spraying or painting the among us helmet glass area with white paint. I sprayed it with a little help of papercut in the middle with the shape of a helmet glass area, which is an oval almost rectangle shape. Wait until it’s dry.

4 .Draw an outline along the glass area with black marker.

5 . Then you can continue with cutting some accessories from craft foam for each of the among us. I made a king crown for the red among us, a red hat for blue among us and some leaves for yellow among us.

6 . Glue each of the accessories to each among us soda can with hot glue. And your Among Us Pencil Holders are done!

Simple upcycling project to do with your kids on summer holiday; This Among Us craft is not just cute but it’s useful for kids to help them organize their drawing tools, like pencils, markers or color pencils into their favorite pencil holders. So, don’t throw your soda cans and then ask your kids to join your for this fun upcycling craft of making Among Us pencil holders. Make more with your kid’s favorite colors and have fun together!

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See you!

Creative Summer Greetings!



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