Super Quick & Easy DIY New Year’s Mini Sparkle Ball Ornaments

New year’s Eve is coming soon right after Christmas. Super busy preparing for festive holidays? Try this, a super quick & easy DIY New Year’s mini sparkle ball ornaments. This can be a last-minute decoration for New year’s decor. It took me only 5 minutes to finished the two sparkle ball ornaments. So, you surely can do the same.


What to prepare for this mini sparkle ball ornaments for new year?

  • Sparkle pipe cleaners (silver and gold)
  • Sparkle ribbons (silver and gold)

Yup, that’s all you need, how did I make the sparkle pipe cleaners into the sparkle ball ornaments?

  1. Take 4 silver pipe cleaners and form it into a circle and secure the ends by twisting it together.
  2. Put the four sparkle circles together to form a ball.
  3. Secure the ball with gold ribbon.
  4. Finished!
  5. Do the same with the gold pipe cleaners and use a silver ribbon.


Super easy and quick diy decoration, isn’t it? Easy materials, quick making and pretty sparkle result! This mini sparkle ball ornaments would look great to your new year’s eve party decoration. You can hang them, or just put it together with the rest of the decorations. You can have it done in short time before you start your new year’s party. Perfect for hectic situation while preparing new year’s party after brutally busy with Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Be Merry in New creativity Year!

See you again!




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