DIY Pumpkin Shabby Lace – No Sew

Pumpkin is a must ornaments on Fall decor. This time I made an unusual look of a pumpkin. I presented the pumpkin in shabby look by using lace to make the white pumpkin. I think it’s going to look good if you put it together with real white pumpkins. Maybe some of you are fond of white fall decor, then this DIY Pumpkin Shabby Lace would a great Fall DIY without sewing to make. In that case, let’s find out all the materials I used and what are the simple steps to make my shabby white pumpkin in lace.

Things To Prepare

It is a super simple Fall DIY to make and no sewing is needed. Here are the short list of supplies you will be needed to make a DIY Pumpkin Shabby Lace with No Sew :

  • White lace
  • White flannel
  • Pink checkboard ribbon
  • Pink flower ornament
  • Baby pink paper straw
  • UHU glue

How To Make

Fabric project without sewing is super easy and takes a little time to do. Just like my DIY lacey pumpkin. It’s all gluing job, I’m sure you can even ask your daughters to participate. By the way, these are the easy steps to make DIY Pumpkin Shabby Lace with No Sew :

  1. Cut a white flannel into 5 circles from the biggest to the smallest with your desired size. Mine was around 4 inches (10 cm) as the biggest and 2 inches (5 cm) as the smallest.
  2. Glue the lace around each of the flannel circle.
  3. When you finished making the wavy lace around the flannel circles, cut a hole on each lacey circle in the middle by making a plus shape cut. This cut is to allow each lace circle inserted through the paper straw. The paper straw will serve as the structure and the pumpkin stalk. Every time you insert each lacey circle, secure it with glue.
  4. Another thing is, the smallest lace circle is to have a double lace . This is to cover the last flannel circle with lace.
  5. Tie a pink checkboard ribbon and finish it with pink flower ornament by using glue. That’s it, your lace fall pumpkin is finished.

A Fall pumpkin in lacey look would be a new fresh fall decoration or a centerpiece for a fall wedding which you would be easy to make in large amount because it’s so simple to make. And the lace is just scream for wedding! It would look amazing too if you put it together with real white pumpkins in different sizes. Why don’t you give it a try?

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See you!

Welcome creative October!



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