DIY Give Thanks Pumpkins Pot

I have this simple idea of being grateful and thankful. I made a DIY Give Thanks Pumpkins in a pot. It’s a simple DIY and quick to make. It’s great Thanksgiving decoration in many way and also as a record of things or person that you like to thank for and grateful for. It comes in blue and white colors which great for fall to winter decor theme.

I drew the pumpkins with a pencil color. Printed pumpkin drawing that you get from browsing would do great too. I like to draw it better than print it, because I found some fun and therapeutic to draw those pumpkins in monochrome look. Well, the choice is yours, either draw them or print them. Just choose the way that is simpler for you. After all, this is a simple DIY, so it’s should be easy to make. Now, we start with a list of simple materials to make my DIY Give Thanks Pumpkins Pot.

Things To Prepare

It’s better to use white color paper card to do this give thanks pumpkins, because the blue would look better against white. Basically is white and blue color tones, so if you have a blue pot, just use a white ribbon to stay in the white and blue look. Okay, these are the supplies that you need to prepare for making my DIY Give Thanks Pumpkins Pot :

  • Wood skewer
  • Blue pumpkin drawing or pumpkin printed paper card
  • Drawing pen
  • Adhesive tape
  • Blue polka-dot ribbon
  • White pot with white gravels

How To Make

It’s a super easy DIY Give Thanks. Simple and easy to find material to work with, plus it’s quick to make. You can either draw or print the blue pumpkin drawing. I find it easier to draw the pumpkin. I used only a blue pencil color to draw the blue pumpkins. To be clear, let me round down all steps I took to make my Give Thanks Pumpkins Pot for Thanksgiving decoration.

  1. Draw or print out some blue pumpkins in different sizes on a plain white paper card.
  2. Cut each of them. I made 5 pumpkins, you can make more but it’s better to have them in odd numbers. Odd numbers of pumpkin cards would make a good proportion.
  3. Write a word or two to describe what are you thank for. Like mine are God, love, family, our children, and health. You can have it in different or more words.
  4. Take some wood skewer and cut them in different length. Paste each give thanks pumpkin to a skewer by using adhesive tape on the back of the pumpkin cards. If you want to use it as a centerpiece, have the pumpkin in both sides, meaning paste two give thanks pumpkin card together with a stick in the middle.
  5. Have a white pot that filled with small white gravels. Then take all the give thanks pumpkins and insert it one by one to make a flower-look-a-like arrangement.
  6. Don’t forget to tie the blue ribbon around the pot! Finish!

This give thanks pumpkin cards are perfect for cake toppers too. You can use the give thanks pumpkins as your Thanksgiving cake topper or as a centerpiece pot at your Thanksgiving dinner table or just place them anywhere in your house as a Thanksgiving decoration. You can choose the things that you want to thank for and have them in short words to be written on each of the give thanks pumpkin. It would be great too, if you bring along your children to do the give thanks pumpkins so that they would learn to be grateful for the things they have.

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See you!

Welcome creative November!



6 thoughts on “DIY Give Thanks Pumpkins Pot”

  1. This is super cute! I love the writing on these too. I’m visiting from the Hearth and Soul linkup today. Have a great week Mel!


  2. Adorable!!! Such a great idea. Sometimes it’s too easy to let the day go by without remembering what it’s really all about. Thanks so much for the reminder!

    Liked by 1 person

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