DIY Upcycled Seashell Tray

Summer is still around and some of you may love to change around your summer decor to have a different fresh look at home all the time. But you still have to keep in budget for other important expenses, especially during this tough time. Creativity is mostly needed to solve this kind of need. My DIY upcycled seashell tray is one of a great summer decoration you can make without spending a great deal of money. I guess most of you who loves diy has already got the supplies needed on your craft room. Let’s find out more, anyway.

This is another seashells diy for summer decoration that I’ve made. It is an upcycled seashell tray that I made from a cover of a biscuit can. A biscuit can is of course is in every household, and you would only need the cover. And for seashells, the coastal tray was made from common seashells you can find in any craft store or even after you consume the it. Moreover are the paints, but to be clear, let see my list of the supplies to make this small coastal seashell tray.


Things To Prepare

Okay, let’s look for a biscuit can and seashells around in your home. The rest are paints in common colors of white and light blue. The size of the tray is depend on how big your biscuit can is. I used a small cover to make a small tray for a small pot of plant. I have wrote down the list of supplies you will be needed to make my DIY upcycled seashell tray, and here are the list:

  • Biscuit Can Cover
  • Seashells
  • Light blue spray paint
  • White paint
  • Hot glue


How To Make

This seashell tray is a fast diy to make. I spend more time waiting for the paint to dry than to put all the shells together. Now, straight away to the process of how to make my upcycled seashell tray. Here are the steps:

  1. Paint the white biscuit cover with white paint. Leave it dry.
  2. Paint the inner base of the cover with light blue paint. This is to make a great contrast to the white seashells and leave a coastal look on the tray. Let it dry.
  3. Paint the seashells in white, unless your shells are already nicely in white. Leave it to dry.
  4. Prepare your hot glue gun and glue the seashell one by one to the white can cover. Let it sit for  awhile to dry and get firm. And finished!Picture116

Easy and quick to make, plus simple supplies you can gather around your home to make this DIY upcycled seashell tray. It’s a coastal-look tray that will look fantastic to match your summer decor. Super cheap and won’t cost you trouble to make this upcycled coastal tray too. And it looks great when I paired it with some green plant on a navy blue and white pot mug. It scream for nautical style, that’s for sure. Now, it’s up to you to be creative with the things you to put on the tray to matched. Have a try!


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See you!

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13 thoughts on “DIY Upcycled Seashell Tray”

  1. What an excellent idea for a cookie tin upcycle! I wouldn’t have thought of this ~ great job! I have lots of shells left over from a recent project that I need to brainstorm an idea for.

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