Beach House Exterior Design

I’ve been wanted to design my obsession, a beach house, a tiny beach house. Until today, I had time to draw the exterior of the beach house. I have planned the floor plan but I haven’t prepare it in a proper floor plan drawing.


This is a tiny beach home with a wide openings on the front of the house to enjoy a maximum beauty of the beach. The entrance is on the back of the house by staircase, which doesn’t showed on my perspective drawing of the beach house. It has an attic bedroom which facing the horizon; a pantry, a toilet, a sitting room, a tiny patio and an outdoor shower on the back of the house. I will show you the proper floor plan on my next post.


It’s a great romantic gateway, beach house for two, perfect for a summer holiday. Or you may call it honeymoon suite by the seaside. You can even have to look for serenity and some inspiration away from hectic daily routine, or just get away from anyone else. It’s up to you, but surely this beach house design is to enjoy the sunrise, sunset, the sound of the ocean waves, seaside smell, coastal animals, anything that level up your sense and refresh your mind. Ooh, I would love that, too bad this beach home design is only on a paper. But I hope it’s inspiring and have your daydream fly to the ocean beauty while appreciating the architecture of beach house exterior.


So, enjoy the beach house design with the exterior hand painted in watercolor, I will present you with more details of the beach home design on my next post.

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38 thoughts on “Beach House Exterior Design”

  1. Even if painted, it certainly can trigger dreams and lovely thoughts! Amazing really 🙂 You’re very talented and hope it will become reality very soon 🙂 it reminded me of Lake House movie somehow
    I guess Ribana will love this haha

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  2. I bet the views would be amazing with those giant windows. Imagine waking up every morning to the sunrises. I would be outside sitting on the patio watching the sun sets. Very beautiful home Mel, I hope someday it gets built…you never know, it just might.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, sitting enjoying the horizon with cup of coffee, just wait for the interior sketches! Well, it’s not a crime to daydreaming 😀 Thank you so much!


    1. Awww….! xoxo Ribana! Yup, I was thinking about you when I drew it. Well, I guess I have to do it for you and Huguette! 😀 Thank you dear, it’s so encouraging!


  3. The windows are everything, the perfect way to bring the outside in. I can imagine the view and the constant scene of the waves crashing, perfect.

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  4. Oh, this is wonderful! So lovely and such talent. This is my dream, to have a little beach house like that! Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!


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