Fall & Thanksgiving Side Table Decor

Fall & Thanksgiving Side Table Decor

Side table is as much important as any table in a home, especially when your side table is on the sitting room where you entertain your guest or on the foyer where you receive the guest. Therefore, to have a remembered thanksgiving dinner party, you should hot forget your side table decor. And moreover, the side table decor for thanksgiving must be aligned with your fall home decor.

I arranged some of my fall and thanksgiving decorations in one white square side table at the foyer where I put the seating tags for thanksgiving dinner. This setting is a mixed of fall colors and a slightly winter colors, since it’s a month of almost seasonal transition. Gold and natural wood colors of fall mixed with shades of blue and white of winter colors. And amazingly it worked well together. This taught me not to scare to mix calm, natural colors with glimmering color like gold for a decor.


These are the list of all the decoration items I used for the fall & thanksgiving side table :


The first four are the decorations I have posted before on how to make it and the last two was the ones I showed in this post. The crepe wrapped pumpkin is an emergency pumpkin I made from a vase that I wrapped with white crepe paper. And the crepe paper flower was made from white crepe paper that I have applied with gold glitter.


So, use whatever you have to decor your side table to celebrate thanksgiving and to get the fall ambience. Just add this and that to complete the look. No need expensive decorations to have a beautiful seasonal decor, so you can have a different look every year without spending much money. Happy fall and thanksgiving!

See you anytime soon!

Thanks to creativity for giving a creation!



6 thoughts on “Fall & Thanksgiving Side Table Decor”

  1. Beautiful! I adore your pumpkin drink coasters and the white emergency pumpkin is wonderful, that’s such a clever idea – I love it 😁. Your white crepe flower with the gold detail looks so elegant too, is there no end to your talent! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, sorry I haven’t visited earlier but we had an unexpected surprise with friends visiting so I now have a lot of blogging to catch up on …lol 😉. Wishing you a happy new week! J 😊 x

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    1. Wow Jo, thank you so much! Really appreciate your attention to every details of my creations. It’s okay, life is busy 🙂 happy to hear from you and of course your mind blowing comments 🙂 Have a fantastic week!

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