DIY Spring 3D Gift Can

I don’t know why, but I keep recycling my empty Pringles cans. I couldn’t help it. I can be creative with it, it’s like a blank canvas to paint with. And it’s a great container to store anything you want. You can use it as a pencil holders, brush holder, vase, gift can/box, multi-purpose container, especially to store small things.

Empty chips can is easy to work with and very useful. And this time I made a Spring 3D Gift Can. It’s a Pringles can made into a gift can with a look of Spring and Easter, plus some 3d effects. Trust me, it’s a fun upcycling project that you can be creative with.

Things To Prepare

It’s a common list of craft supplies that you need to prepare for this Easter or Spring gift can. Try to replace it with something similar to my material if you don’t have the same one. Just use whatever you have in your craft stash. Let’s see what are the list supplies which used to make this DIY Spring 3D Gift Can :

  • Pringles Can
  • Decorative paper (flowery pattern) Try to find the single-flowers pattern which have easy shape for cutting.
  • Dark green ribbon
  • Light green ribbon
  • Baby pink ribbon
  • Double Foam Tape
  • Clear glue
  • Egg (real or plastic will do)
  • Acrylic Markers

How To Make

It’s actually easy to make, but you need to be very careful when you have to do the cutting parts; unless you are handy with a scissors, then it won’t be a problem at all, easy peasy! Anyway, follow these easy steps on how to do DIY Spring 3D Gift Can :

1 . Make sure your Pringles can is clean. Wrap it with the flowery decorative paper of your choice.

2. Now cut out as many as you can all the single-flowers from the decorative paper.

3. Paste each single flower on its match by using double foam tape for a 3D look.

4. Now, let’s work with the can’s cover! Arrange dark green ribbon together with light green ribbon to form a flowery bow. Secure it with clear glue! Don’t forget to paste a baby pink ribbon around the can’s lid.

5. Get an egg and start to draw a flower that similar to the flower on the decorative paper by using acrylic markers.

6. Then, glue the decorated egg on top of the lid. Well, that’s it, you’re done!

Easy and fun to do Spring project. You can use it as a gift container or use it by yourself to store your small craft supplies. I love the 3D look from the flowers, it gives a different look than an usual decorative paper

This DIY Spring 3D Gift Can project is my contribution to The Sustainable Craft Challenge Blog Hop hosted by Julie with her beautiful blog Sum of Their Stories. It’s a craft challenge with a sustainable principle behind it which comes in different theme every month. This month, the theme is “SPRING” and the last three months were “SOFT” “LOVE” and “WARM“. I love to be part of this challenge as I love to upcycle things into something new, beautiful and useful.

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12 thoughts on “DIY Spring 3D Gift Can”

  1. That is so pretty, I love the papers you chose for your upcycle and the layered flowers gives a lovely 3d effect. Pringles cans really are just begging to be reused aren’t they? The fact they are nice and sturdy and have those great lids make it practically the law that we use them in our crafting!!

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  2. Your spring gift can looks amazing with it’s 3D look! And adding an egg at the top makes it quite creative and unique! I never would have thought it was previously a pringle can! What a fabulous upcycle!

    Liked by 1 person

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