DIY Tiered Tray Upcycled Cookie Tins

This July Challenge Theme is Reduce Single Use. I guess most of my DIY projects are coming from the thought of reducing single use, make use of something that is usually tossed to a garbage can. This time, I use cookie tins, I love to keep them, after of course; having fun eating the cookies. Cookie tins are great for storing things and you can make them into lots of new things. Still with the spirit of Summer, I turned the cookie tins into a tiered tray as my mini cacti and succulent’s pot holder. It’s like a tiered cake of cacti and succulents. I keep the tin covers, I still can use them for my other project. But before I move on, let me explain a bit about The Sustainable Pinterest Challenge.

The Pinterest Challenge has had a bit of a reboot for 2022 and is now the Sustainable Pinterest Challenge. Each month I join a group of creative bloggers and we select a pin or two that we feel inspired by and give it a go. Starting in January 2022 the Pinterest Challenge has a sustainable, eco friendly twist to it. All the projects shared will have something about them that involves recycling, upcycling, a general ethos of reducing waste and using what we have. It’s not about beating ourselves with a stick, it’s just about giving thought to how we can make small changes in our lives just a little more sustainable and reduce our impact on the environment.

Last month’s theme challenge was “Thrift Store Find” and I made an Upcycled Towel Basket for Summer Decor. For this month theme “Reduce Single Use” as sustainable as a base to any of our challenge projects, I upcycled cookie tins into a tiered tray for my cacti and succulents, still with a Summer decor theme.

Things To Prepare

The main thing for this project is cookie tins in three sizes; you can name it small, medium, large. Each diameter depends on cookie tins that you have. So, it’s really make use of what you’ve got. You can even use the tin lid if you only have two cookie tins. Anyway, let’s see what are the short list supplies that are used to make this DIY Tiered Tray Upcycled Cookie Tins:

  • Three cookie tins
  • Two wooden sofa legs (plate and screws are included)
  • White acrylic paint
  • White spray paint
  • Black flat nylon rope
  • Glue

How To Make

It’s a simple tiered tray, because I made it as a display media for my mini cacti and succulents. I had a little help from my husband to assemble the tins and the sofa legs because it needs drilling works and my husband is the expert at home. Anyway, follow these easy steps on how to make DIY Tiered Tray Upcycled Cookie Tins :

1 . Clean your cookie tins and paint it effortless with white acrylic paint. Leave it to dry.

2. Spray paint the cookie tins with white spray paint. Leave it to dry.

3 .Assemble the sofa leg to each tin, use a drill, but if you don’t have a drill, you can use big nail to hammer some holes that you can screw to the plate and to the tin. there are many ways to do it, even without plates.

4. Take a black flat nylon rope to add each white painted tin a simple decorative element. Glue it to the tin. The tiered tray is finished

Since I use my DIY Tiered Tray that I upcycled from cookie tin for Sumer decor; I gather my mini cacti and succulents for a display. The tiered tray is flexible for other decoration display. It’s white and black, neutral colors to match with others.

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16 thoughts on “DIY Tiered Tray Upcycled Cookie Tins”

  1. The white rocks and green from the succulents is so nice together! Never thought to turn cookie tins into something like this, but such a great idea! I usually save tins for regifting later.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a pretty and useful way to upcycle cookie tins – while helping the environment, too, Mel! And I love the colors you chose to paint them – looks quite summery!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this tiered tray! I wish I had thought of upcycling some tins to create a tiered tray instead of buying one. I like that you have plants on yours. That’s another great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, glad you love it! I want to showcase my cacti and succulents, that’s how I get the idea of having an upcycled tiered tray.


  4. This looks fabulous! We usually are lucky enough to have a few tins of biscuits (what we call cookie tins here in the UK!) each Christmas and usually I save them for my craft supplies! I love this new idea to put them to good use. It looks so modern with the way you’ve planted up the succulents with the stones etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love this tray. It’s perfect for displaying your miniature plants. After years of travelling back and forth, we’ve finally settled into our permanent home and I’m building my houseplant collection. A tray like this would be perfect for the small ones I’m propagating. Thanks!


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