DIY Witch Lacey Hat

I tried a Gothic Halloween Pumpkin last time, a Halloween pumpkin decoration with mature look. This time I still go with adult Halloween theme. I made a DIY Witch Black Lacey Hat. The hat is more like an abstract of a Witch Hat that I present in black lace.

A mature Halloween decoration would add more sophistication to your home decor for the season. A feminine lace with black gothic color gives an edgy look but sweet in the same time. It is surely elevate your Halloween decor from regular spooky and childish decor to dark and mature vibes. Scroll more to see how simple I did this Halloween Witch Hat with black lace.

Things To Prepare

Super short list of material I can promise you for making this witch lacey hat project for upcoming Halloween. And like I have told you on my Halloween Black and White Sign; in case you don’t have a black lace and you have a white lace instead; then you can color it black with black marker, before you spend more money and time to buy some black lace. Anyway, let’s find out my short list of supplies to make my DIY Witch Lacey Hat :

  • A white plank ( wooden or other material would fine as long as it is white)
  • Black lace
  • Black Marker
  • UHU clear glue

How To Make

I promise you, that the process of making this gothic lacey pumpkin is easy and quick. You can make it big, regular or in small size. Put them together in different sizes and have them as a focal point to your Halloween decor. Without any further, let’s just find out my steps on how to make DIY Pumpkin Gothic Halloween:

1 .Have a white plank cut into a rectangle shape, 3:1 proportion.

2. Draw a witch pointy hat 3/4 of part on the white plank.

3. Cut a black lace and paste it on the hat. Let it dry.

4. Glue the black lace and in the same time, form a flower by doing a circular shape from inner to outer. Let it dry for a while.

5. Write “hocus pocus” on top and you are done!

My Witch Lacey Hat would look fantastic if it’s put together with the Gothic pumpkin for this Halloween. Edgy gothic look would be great for a new style that you might try in this year Halloween.

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See you!

Creatively Spook!



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