Entertaining Tree House Design – Floor Plan

Entertaining Tree House Design – Floor Plan

This fall season is reminding me of trees, nature, leaves, earth, all outdoor and natural things. From there, I was inspired to design a tree house. Not a tree house for kids, but for adults, where you can bring your friends and family in a small gathering. Yes, a tree house for entertaining! It would be a great place to hang out after a dinner party, like the coming Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Year’s eve.

If you see the floor plan, the tree house is only one entertaining room of mini bar plus pantry and a spacious seating room, both are facing to the glass openings where you can enjoy the outside view. Maybe you can even watch fireworks from the tree house, isn’t that amazing?


This tree house design is a small space of 3 m x 6 m (around 10 ft x 20 ft) with the height of 2.5 m (around 8.2 ft) floor to ceiling. A small space for relaxing and small gathering where you’re entertained and entertaining. This entertaining mini house can be built on your backyard, especially if you have a big property where you get more view to enjoyed from the tree house.

A modern clean lines with minimalist exterior, my tree house design was floating 2 meter (around 6.5 ft) above the ground. Attached to a huge tree, the tree house was reinforced by steel structure with one column that supporting the entire tree house with cantilever system.


On common days where you do not use it much for entertaining, you can convert it into a painting room, craft room, a writing room, a home office or just a place to do some yoga. To me, it’s a great place to spent time outside the house without paying more and a place to get more privacy and tranquility without being far away from your home.

On this occasion, I only have time to finished the colored floor plan, front elevation and side elevation. I guess it’s enough for now to describe the tree house exterior design and the entertaining interior layout. I will show you the perspective of interior and exterior of the tree house design on my next post. So be patience and make sure you check out my next post for the complete picture of the tree house design for entertaining.




See you again, very soon!

Let your creativity entertain!



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