Decor Your Home with Greens

Decor Your Home with Greens

Have you ever run out of fresh-cut flowers in your home while you’re expecting sudden guest? Or do you bored with flowers on the vase as a decor on your table? Or you just simply wanna cut your expense budget and save some? Well, maybe my ideas can answers all those questions.

Have you ever noticed that some greens look not just appetizing but also so beautiful. I always admires some greens for its beauty before I cut them into a bowl of salad. Some even look like a blooming flower. So, I tried to put some greens into a vase and it turned out to be a beautiful piece of table decoration.


How to do it? Just grab some of your greens from your fridge or buy some in the market and use it for a home decoration. get your fancy vases and arrange the greens nicely then you got yourself a centerpiece. Isn’t it convinient?After that you still can cut them and make it into a bowl of yummy salad. Free and pretty! Besides, you give more meaning to the greens, so it wouldn’t be used only for plating decoration or veggies to eat but also as home decoration.


On the picture showed, I used different kind of salanova lettuce, I love its blooming look. And since salanova is a short blooming greens, I use short vases with big opening to accommodate its big bloom. There are more greens you can use though, just be creative.


I hope this idea can flourish your home with beauiful spring blooms but free and easy.


Be creatively Green!

See you again!



8 thoughts on “Decor Your Home with Greens”

    1. Aww! thank you so much Kelley! My head is full of ideas, so I need to channel it through my posts and share with everyone 🙂 So happy you like it…


  1. Love this idea Mel and wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create a whole bouquet using what’s in your veggie drawer. Really cool

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