Decor Your Home with Greens

Decor Your Home with Greens

Have you ever run out of fresh-cut flowers in your home while you’re expecting sudden guest? Or do you bored with flowers on the vase as a decor on your table? Or you just simply wanna cut your expense budget and save some? Well, maybe my ideas can answers all those questions.

Have you ever noticed that some greens look not just appetizing but also so beautiful. I always admires some greens for its beauty before I cut them into a bowl of salad. Some even look like a blooming flower. So, I tried to put some greens into a vase and it turned out to be a beautiful piece of table decoration.


How to do it? Just grab some of your greens from your fridge or buy some in the market and use it for a home decoration. get your fancy vases and arrange the greens nicely then you got yourself a centerpiece. Isn’t it convinient?After that you still can cut them and make it into a bowl of yummy salad. Free and pretty! Besides, you give more meaning to the greens, so it wouldn’t be used only for plating decoration or veggies to eat but also as home decoration.


On the picture showed, I used different kind of salanova lettuce, I love its blooming look. And since salanova is a short blooming greens, I use short vases with big opening to accommodate its big bloom. There are more greens you can use though, just be creative.


I hope this idea can flourish your home with beauiful spring blooms but free and easy.


Be creatively Green!

See you again!




5 Things To Prepare For Her Valentine’s Day in a Pink Gold Valentine’s Theme.


It’s almost valentine’s day! So i couldn’t help it to squeeze in this post before i post the home office vol.3 as i have promised.

Now i wanted to share 5 Things To Prepare For Her Valentine’s Day in a Pink Gold Valentine’s Theme.

When you prepare a gift, you need something to present it. The gift and the presentation! The presentation should be able to compliment the gift. So enough with the chit chat, i will show you what i meant below.

Let’s begin with the first item:

  1. A Box of Chocolate

A romantic sweet treats would never gets old! Give some delicious truffles inside a fancy chocolate box would certainly blushing your loved one. This heart-shaped pink gold box surely show a simple sweet but elegance gesture.

val 1

Source :

2. Flowers 

Say it with flowers! Well, it always works for me. So, unlike roses, give something non-traditional like exotic orchid that last longer and even a hundred years if you give the plant. Pick a pinkish orchid plant and a pink gold pot just like in the picture below. All together with that great arrangement it’s surely mind blowing. But again, it’s still look simple but gorgeous.

val 2

Source :

  • Valentine’s Card

Beautiful words. Of course it would not be completed without a handmade valentine’s card that telling all your loving thoughts. This card below may give you inspiration to make one or just simply buy it. This pink gold handmade card looks sophisticated but still simple.

val 3

Source :

  • A Table Setting

A romantic dinner for 2 is a must. This setting idea below that i captured from is very elegant because of the gold touch, but simple and sweet at the same time.

val 4

Source :

  • jewelry Gift Box

The last thing you want to pamper her with, is a piece of fine jewelry. And the vintage look jewerly gift box i found here on Etsy will compliment the special jewerly that you will give your partner.

val 5

Source :

Five wonderful gifts, each in such a marvelous presentation would give the impression of a well planned and deeply thoughtful valentine.

val 0

To me, these 5 things are a must have “love” that you should get from your spouse. And i choose pink gold to represent sweet lasting valentine. Well, if you have other color theme that you or your partner prefers, you can try it. Just make sure all the presentations have the shade of the color theme. And again, the presentation must compliment the gifts.

Now, have you been inspired? 5 Things To Prepare For Her Valentine’s Day in a Pink Gold Valentine’s Theme. I hope so. I’m sure if your loved one receive those 5 fine things, she would trade it with her heart.

Stay creative!