Top Ten DIY Posts Of 2020

I looked back at my 2020 statistic, and I can see that most of my top views are my Free Printables of 2020 Monthly calendar and other free printables. And if I put the top viewed in 10 order, it would be:

  1. FREE Printable September 2020 Calendar
  2. Free Printable December 2020 Calendar
  3. Free Printable My Daily Organizer Of Spring
  4. Free Printable October 2020 Calendar
  5. Free Printable February Calendar 2020
  6. FREE Printable July 2020 Calendar
  8. FREE Calendar Printable March 2020
  9. FREE Printable August 2020 Calendar
  10. FREE Thanksgiving Tag Printable – Thankful Turkey

You are very welcome to download any of those top ten free printables and other of my free printables collections.

Of course those are not my DIY posts. I have below my Top Ten DIY Posts of 2020 that were surprisingly came from my older posts and few of them have already in 2019 top ten most viewed posts, which I can call it a lifetime favorite posts.

Let me introduce one by one from the least to the most viewed of my Top Ten DIY Posts of 2020.

10. DIY Valentine’s Heart Wire Ornament

The tenth from my Top Ten DIY Post of 2020 is my Valentine’s Day DIY, a heart made from wire. Super cute and unique. It could be your great Valentine’s Day project for this coming Valentine’s Day. Find the tutorial on the post.


9. Best Furniture Ideas for 10×10 Feet Office Room and Kid’s Playroom From Ikea

It’s a challenge to manage a 10×10 feet room into a fun and functional office room or Kid’s Playroom. But you can get some ideas to make it happen in my number nine top viewed post of Best Furniture Ideas for 10×10 Feet Office Room and Kid’s Playroom From Ikea.

8. DIY Rustic Farmhouse Wreath

This DIY Rustic Farmhouse Wreath is made from ice sticks. And now, I can see that it would look fantastic for winter farmhouse wreath. Get the tutorial by clicking the blue title.

7. DIY Pistachio Shells Sunflower

I love to recycle, make things out of scraps, used material or even considered waste. And for last summer DIY project, I made a sunflower from pistachio shells. Pretty? Find out on how I made it on my post!


6. How To Make Your Home Naturally Smell Good With A Can Of Coffee Beans

This post is actually 2019 post and landed on sixth top ten most viewed post of 2020; but hey, who wouldn’t want their home to be naturally have good smell? See my post to find out more.


5. DIY Farmhouse Easter Eggs Banner

This is another recycled DIY project I’ve made. It’s an Easter banner in farmhouse style. Click my post to see what upcycled material I used for this Easter DIY.


4. How To Make Faux IKEA Kids Wagon From Upcycling Cardboard Boxes

Any kids would love a wagon they can pull around and put their favorite toys inside. I made a faux IKEA Kids Wagon from upcycling cardboard boxes. You can follow my steps in my post if you interested in making one for your kid.

3. How To Make Wishing Wand For New Year

Third top viewed post along 2020 is this fun New Year Wishing Wand for kids, even to play in any day, not just on new year. It’s easy to make, just follow my tutorial on my post, and I’m sure you can make your kids smile.


2. DIY Spring Lace Tin Can Mug Flower Vase

This second top viewed DIY post of 2020 is one of my all time favorite post. My Spring lace Tin Can Mug has always in top ten view every year since I posted it. Check out the post along with the tutorial to see more.

  1. How To Make Easy Skeleton Leaves – Without Chemical

This post is always a number one post. I wrote this post to share on how to make easy skeleton leaves without chemical. See my post to find out how I did it.


Those are the list of my Top Ten DIY Posts of 2020. I hope it will inspire you in 2021.

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See you!

Happy creative posts!



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