Free Printable of Lavender To Do List

Today, I made Lavender To Do List, a free printable which you all can enjoy. To be frankly, I just started to love watercolor painting. If you’ve been following my posts, you would notice that there are several watercolor projects I just made recently; French Door on House ExteriorHappy Mother’s Day Flowers In Watercolor CardBest Flowery Gifts On Mother’s DayMystery Blogger Award – 3rd.

I chose lavender because I love the shades of Lavender, the flower is so simple but able to draw your eyes to it. Some believes that the English word lavender came from Old French lavandre, which originated from Latin word lavare, meaning “to wash”. However, others certain that the name was actually taken from Latin word livere, meaning “blueish”, which explains the color.


Despite the etymology arguments, I love the beauty of lavender’s color, all its benefits, and the great sound of pronouncing the word “lavender”. 🙂 Afterwards, I thought to myself, it would be great to look at this soft simple looking flowers on my desk every day, especially with the touch of its scented oil. Then why don’t I have it printed on my To Do List, so it would ease some stress of finishing and planning your daily / weekly / monthly to do list.

I love to organize things that I need to do on daily basis. But sometimes it’s not easy to remember all in your head while juggling with everyday rush. So, having a printed To Do List is a lot helping.  I can even find free time to myself with more organized schedule. And with this lavender beauty on my To Do List, it would brighten my day.

How to use this lavender To Do List printable? Let’s go through each details I’ve prepared for the Lavender To Do List.

  1. Choose Today or This Week or This Month To Do List, cross out the rest.
  2. Categorized the urgency of the things that you need to do first. Put those urgent things under Priority To Do List and less urgent things on the non-priority list. And don’t forget to give number to each list in urgency order; the number column is on the left.
  3. To organized the finished and unfinished task, put a check mark on every finished task which is on the column of the right side of the list.


Easy but effective to organized your daily, weekly even monthly things to do. And those lavender watercolor would be a great entertainment to your eyes and brings good mood, especially if you added some lavender scent to the printable, hmmm… . So, feel free to download this Free Printable of Lavender To Do List. I hope it helps you to be more organized with your schedule and things you need to do. Enjoy your busy day!

Download this PDF file which I have arranged in 3 option layouts (left, middle, right) since I was having a hard time choosing the best one. 🙂 Original size was prepared on A4.

Free Printable – Lavender To Do List

Check the rest of the Free Lavender printable set, Lavender Notes & Journal, Memo & Letter Paper.

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See you!

Add Creativity in your To Do List!



Note : Please use the printable for personal use only, not to be sold, duplicated or modified in any form. And for sharing purposes, please share this link (for downloading the printable straight from Decor Craft Design) instead of distributing it. Please contact me for further information. 


21 thoughts on “Free Printable of Lavender To Do List”

  1. I’m with you, I love to organise things too and there is nothing more satisfying than ticking things off a “to do” list …lol 😉. Your design is gorgeous, I love the colour it seems so calming and your lavender paintings are so pretty too! Thanks so much for sharing and wishing you a wonderful week! Jo x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very pretty! And may I say, you do a great job watercolor painting. I recently made a printable weekly calendar, day planner style, maybe I’ll share that sometime. Mine’s in black and white though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! You should check out my Lavender Journal & Notes I just posted, you might like it 🙂 Wow, can’t wait to see your printable, they must be wonderful!

      Liked by 1 person

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