DIY New Year Wishing Tree 2021

New Year of 2021 is just in a few days, so exciting! There are many hopes and wishes for the next coming year as we all have tasted the bitter of year 2020 because the pandemic. I’m not sure things will be a lot better very soon but as a human, I always have hopes and dreams from my faith for things to get back to be normal, maybe some miracle happens. Well, let’s get back to happy thoughts, let’s cheer up the new year of 2021 with big and wonderful wishes! And I got something to do that, a gold DIY New Year Wishing Tree 2021.

It’s a super easy DIY new year, with a gold touch. Well, I guess I always try to share a simple diy for everyone to easily follow. Easy, quick and inexpensive to make, but beautiful and functional, that’s the main idea and of course creativity it’s the essence. This DIY wishing tree will be my last DIY for year 2021, a wishful tree, a wishful creativity for year 2021. No more further, let’s go through all simple supplies I used and steps on how I made the new year wishing tree.

Things To Prepare

You can always be creative with materials to use, find things that you have which similar to things I use. The strength should be at least the same, because that’s the only things that matter. The look you can always paint it or cover it with other material to make it similar. Try to use used or scraps that laying somewhere in your home and upcycle it. By the way, here are the things I used for my easy diy new year 2021 wishing tree:

  • Sticks ( I used pvc panel and cut them into sticks with 1/2 – 3/4 inch; you can replace it with wooden sticks or other material)
  • Some small planks which cut into small circles, rectangles and squares ( again, I used pvc panel, and you can use wooden panel or others).
  • UHU glue
  • A gold wired ribbon
  • gold paint
  • Black marker

How To Make

My wishing tree is super easy to make, it is mostly a cutting works. Anyone can make this new year wishing tree. It only took me six simple steps on how to make my new year 2021 wishes hanging on my wishing tree:

  1. Measure and cut all sticks needed for the wishing tree. Those sticks are:
  • Two squares of 3×3 inches for the base plate. Don’t forget to drill a hole in the middle to insert a main trunk.
  • One of 3/4 inch wide and 17 inches long of stick as the main trunk.
  • Four of 1/2 inch wide of sticks as the branches. The length are variation from 6 to 12 inches long.

2. Measure and cut some small circles (diameter of two inches), rectangles (1×2 inches) and squares (2×2 inches) plank for the wishing ornament. Don’t forget to drill a hole on each of the ornament for hanger. The amount and measurement of the wishing ornament are all up to you, you can adjust it according to your need and like.

3. Glue the trunk by applying glue and insert it on the base plate. After drying, glue each of the branches to the trunk. Let it dry.

4. While waiting for the tree to dry and firm; get the wishing ornament and paint it gold. Let it dry.

5. Insert and secure a gold wire ribbon a s a hanger to each wishing plank ornament.

6. Write by using black marker the words “I wish” and “We wish” on each of the wishing plank. And then you can write your wishes on the back of each wishing plank ornament. Then you can hang them on your wishing tree. Done!

Cute and easy and super meaningful DIY New Year! You can still use the wishing tree for other decoration purposes once the new year is past. So, what are you waiting for? Make this wishing tree and make the best wishes for next year of 2021! Gather all your family member and have them make the wishing tree together and each get to write their wishes. Isn’t that fun? I know my son wishes for a lot of plant vs zombie toys 😀 Have fun! More best wishes, more best things come true!

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See you!

Happy creative wishes for 2021!