DIY Re-Purposing Cooker Pot into A Flower Pot

DIY Re-Purposing Cooker Pot into A Flower Pot

Some say a hoarder, to me is a keeper. I tend not to throw damaged or old stuff away that easily, especially when I can see the potential re-purposing right away, I will keep it until I got the time and mood to make something new and pretty out of it. Even when I haven’t got any picture of what to do with it, I will still keep it, especially when it is made of glass, metal, timber or something that is so pretty (like pretty wrapping or pretty boxes). Hmm, hoarders huh?

Therefor, today post is about re-purposing old cooker pot that I have been keeping for couple of months. I can not use the cooker pot no longer due to the scratches on the teflon layer, but I can’t just throw it away. It’s a mini cooker pot, how cute it is. So, I thought to myself, hmm, why don’t I just make this cooker pot into a flower-pot. Both are pot shape. A vintage style, white…, with the black wording…, sounds like a good idea and great for environment.


What do I need to make this flower-pot out of an old cooker pot?

  • Spray paint – white color
  • Acrylic paint – black color
  • paint brush
  • paper tape
  • pencil

How to turn the cooker pot into a vintage flower-pot?

  1. Make sure the cooker pot is cleaned properly and dry. Put some tape and paper or anything to cover the mouth and the inner pot to protect it from paint.
  2. Spray paint the whole outer area in a faced-down position, so you would be able to spray it evenly to entire surface.
  3. Let it dry for a day to be safe.
  4. Make a sketch of the wording by using a pencil to the painted cooker pot.
  5. Paint the wording with acrylic paint carefully.
  6. Let it dry for  couple of hours, just to be safe.
  7. Finished! You got yourself a beautiful flower-pot.


By the way, I’m going to use the flower-pot as a decoration only. So if you wanted to use it for a real flower pot, you need to drill some holes on the bottom of the pot, and do it before you spray paint it.

Isn’t that easy? Cheap and minimal effort to get a beautiful vintage look flower-pot, just by re-purposing your unused cooker pot. I love the look!


Well, considering tomorrow, June 5, is The World Environment Day, I hope my flower-pot is able to inspire you all to re-use or re-purposing anything old or damaged into something new and beautiful. Please don’t just throw away things, if you unable to create something out of it, you may want to give it to someone you know that is best for re-purposing junk. Like people say, someone’s trash is another one’s treasure!

I can’t wait to think and make something from a junk to complete the look of this flower-pot. So, be patience and wait for my next post, I may come up with great ideas!

Note: I entered this project to That’s crafty (Monochromatic), Love To Craft (Anything goes), Everybody Art Challenge (Pimp it! Recycle) and Make My Monday (Go green – Up-cycle).

See you on my next re-purposing post and Happy Environment Day!

Be Environmentally Creative!