DIY Pumpkin Planter

Fall decor without a pumpkin doesn’t look like fall; Halloween without a pumpkin doesn’t felt like Halloween either, especially a carved pumpkin! No matter how small your home is, you still can squish in a pumpkin. It doesn’t have to be a huge pumpkin, but it can be a small pumpkin decoration that stands out. Like my DIY pumpkin planter I’ve made from an old mug. It’s a cute happy pumpkin for Halloween and fall decor in a form of a succulent planter.

My pumpkin is not spooky but enough to bring in the Halloween vibes. So, if you can bring some joy to your home through that cute smiling pumpkin, why not? Anyway, it’s a frugal upcycling project that is super easy to make. If you have lot of mugs with that shape, then you can do more of my pumpkin planter with different pumpkin expression, that would be super cute! But, before going further, you may want to peek at my steps on making my cute pumpkin planter for succulent.

Things To Prepare

It is quick and easy to make and of course takes only a few simple materials to make this pumpkin planter for the Halloween. I use a vibrant cadmium red to get a very stand out pumpkin So, even though it’s just a small succulent planter, but the pumpkin looks bold and eye catching. Anyway, let’s find out my short list of supplies to make this DIY Pumpkin Planter :

  • An old mug with a pumpkin looking shape.
  • Dark orange acrylic paint or spray paint ( I use cadmium red acrylic paint)
  • White paint
  • Black Marker

How To Make

I love to make a functional decoration, so this cute pumpkin mug, would not just serve as a Halloween decoration, but a planter for my succulent as well. Super easy and quick to make, so you can make many of it. Just make sure your old mugs have a round shape that would look a bit like a pumpkin. I happened to have only one old mug that looks like a pumpkin, so I can only make one. Well, let’s just find out my steps on how to make DIY Pumpkin Planter:

1 . Drill a hole or two on the bottom part of the mug.

2 .Make sure your mug is clean, because the paint would not cover the surface properly on a dirty or grease mug. I painted my mug with white paint first for base and to cover some dark colors on my mug. Let it dry.

3. Paint the mug with dark orange color and wait until it’s dry to proceed with next step.

4. Draw eyes, nose and mouth of a smiling pumpkin on the painted mug planter. You can have any other expression you like for your pumpkin planter, but I like the happy pumpkin.

5. Get a stick shape succulent that would look like a stem and plant it on your pumpkin planter. Don’t forget to add some white little pebbles on top for a better clean look. And your pumpkin planter is done!

Isn’t it cute? Isn’t it frugal? You get a cute pumpkin for Halloween decor, you get a new home for your succulent to grow and you get to upcycling your old mug into something new, pretty and useful. So, what are you waiting for? Try look for your old mugs and find those that you can turn into a pumpkin planter for Halloween. Anyway, check also my Halloween project this year, start with my gothic but sweet DIY Halloween Lacey Pumpkin, edgy but fancy DIY Witch Lacey Hat to an intense but stylish DIY Halloween Mummy With Lace.

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