DIY Fall Upcycled Gold Tray

This fall or my friends at UK call it autumn; I made more gold fall decorations. I love the fancy look of a gold decoration. Gold color elevates your room decor, the ambience and make a great focal point. Don’t be afraid to use a little gold on your room, just don’t use it too much; less is more. I always believe in that. Anyway, my DIY Fall project this time is an upcycled gold tray that I made from a biscuit can. Let’s check out how I made this simple gold tray.

This simple fall DIY upcycled gold tray is like a plain canvas that you can use to be paired it with many fall ornaments or even non-related fall season’s ornament at all. So, it’s a great diy decoration you can use in any season as long as you have a dash of gold in your room decor theme. Use it to hold a vase, use it to hold some succulents, use it to hold some fake metal fruits, or use it to hold some pine cones or acorns for a fall decor like I did on the picture; where I used my gold acorn made of pistachio’s shells.

Things To Prepare

I love the idea of simple DIYs, simple means easy to find materials; preferred upcycled materials, not using many kind of materials and inexpensive materials. And so does this DIY Upcycled Gold Tray for Fall, it’s a simple and easy to make. Here are a very short list of supplies that you need to prepare to make this Gold Tray:

  • Biscuit tin can (round shape)
  • Gold spray paint
  • White spray paint
  • Pipe holder (small size) The pipe holder size is following the tin can size to get a good proportion between the tray and the tray holder.
  • Instant glue ( or you can also use silicone glue)

How To Make

A simple DIY also means it’s super easy and quick to make. Same as this upcycled gold tray, these are the super short list of steps to make it :

  1. Clean a round shape of biscuit can and spray paint the inner side with white spray paint.
  2. take a pair of small metal pipe holder and glue it to both sides of the biscuit can. Wait until it’s dry.
  3. Once the glue has dried, spray paint it with gold color evenly. Let it dry completely. And you finish!

This gold tray is great to sit on your coffee table or a corner table. You can make a big size, medium or small depends of how big your biscuit can is. Just be creative with the look, if you prefer more is more, you can add decorative ornaments on the gold tray, just use your creativity. Whereas I like my DIY Fall Upcycled Gold Tray stay simple.

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Welcome creative October!