DIY Halloween Trick Or Treat Buckets

Halloween must be one of the most exciting celebration for kids; who wouldn’t want to wear cool costume and get lots of candies on Halloween trick or treat?! Well, mommies, I have some cheap DIY Halloween but cool looking ideas to give your kids a bigger smile to go on trick or treat. I made a Halloween trick or treat buckets with 3 different looks, a scary pumpkin, a witch ghost and a cute Frankenstein. Just choose your favorite!


Things To Prepare

It’s a cheap Halloween DIY because I upcycled a paper bowl and use any scrap I have that match the colors I need. So here is the list of things I used to make this trick or treat buckets :

  • Paper bowls ( I got it from food delivery)
  • Craft foam (green and brown)
  • Black card
  • kraft card
  • paper wrap in black and white
  • Orange pumpkin, green, and purple (from red and blue, plus white) watercolor
  • Black marker
  • Silver marker
  • Glue


How To Make

Easy diy to make for your Halloween trick or treat candy hunting. So let me share you how the steps are:

  1. Paint paper bowl used as a bucket, each with different color of orange pumpkin, green and purple. Let it dry.
  2. Cut the kraft card around 1 inch for the handle, then wrap it with black and white paper wrap.
  3. Attach the handle to each bucket by using stapler.
  4. Cut black card in the shape of Frankenstein’s hair, make two sets. Then glue each to the side of the handle. Draw eyes, stitched lips and couple of stitches with black marker on two sides of the bucket, right under the hair. Your Frankenstein trick or treat bucket is ready!
  5. Cut two witch’s hat from black card with glued orange paper as a belt. Draw a line around the hat and buckle with silver marker. Attach the hat each to the handle. Draw rounded eyes and rounded mouth with silver marker on both side of the bucket, right under the hat. Your ghost trick or treat bucket is ready!
  6. Cut two leaves and two stem from orange and brown craft foam. Glue the stem first and then the leaves to each handle. Draw Halloween pumpkin eyes and smile with black marker on both side of the bucket, right under the leaves. Your Halloween pumpkin trick or treat bucket is ready!


Easy and you can be creative with scraps you have for decorating the trick or treat buckets. It’s a great upcycle paper bowls project for cheap Halloween DIY. Your kids would have a good time making it or happily surprised to get them from you to cheer more of their Halloween trick or treat fun time.

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See you!

Trick your creativity to be a treat!



Easy DIY Halloween Wreath – Trick Or Treat

Easy DIY Halloween Wreath – Trick Or Treat

For this Halloween diy decorations, I have made Halloween souvenir boxes-spook boo eek, Halloween coasters, Halloween pumpkins sign, and on this post I made Halloween Wreath – trick or treat. It’s super easy!

I made this easy wreath less than an hour. And I only used things that I have already had, some are from my craft or party supplies; and some are from re-used things. I managed to have the colors in dominant orange and black, as I consider it really goes well together and of course because that’s the most available colors I have on my supplies 😀

Let see what are the things that I collected together to form this Halloween wreath :

  • Orange crepe paper (I bought this like a week ago; I was sure that I was going to use it somehow on my Halloween projects)
  • Paper plate 9 inches – polka-dots (from my party supplies)
  • Paper plate 5 inches – gold (from my party supplies)
  • Black paper (from my craft supplies)
  • Checkerboard ribbon (from my kid’s party supplies)
  • Orange-green pattern paper (re-using paper wrap from a gift I received)
  • glue
  • white gel pen
  • Wave edge craft scissors


How to do?

  1. Cut orange crepe paper around 3 inches (7 cm) and fold it while you glue it to the edge of the big paper plate in circle evenly.
  2. Cut the gift wrap paper in the same length and fold it, then glue it to the big paper plate too, with around 1.5 inches apart from the crepe paper.
  3. Cut orange crepe paper again around 3 inches (7 cm) and fold it while you glue it to the edge of the big paper plate in circle evenly. Give around 1.5 inches distance.
  4. Cut and fold the checkerboard ribbon, then glue it one by one around the crepe paper.
  5. Cut the wavy pattern of the black paper in circle and glue it to the paper plate to close the ribbon’s edges.
  6. glue the gold paper plate in the middle.
  7. Cut another black paper in circle with the diameter of the inner gold plate with wave edge craft scissors.
  8. Write the “Trick or Treat” in the middle of the circle black paper by using white gel pen in a pretty way.
  9. Then glue the written black paper to the gold paper plate.
  10. Add a hanger from checkerboard ribbon on the back of the big paper plate (wreath).
  11. Hang the Halloween wreath on your front door or by the mantle, finished!


Easy and pretty! Your Halloween just got more spice to it with another halloween decoration, a halloween wreath! You can also hang it on the table of treats, as the wreath says “trick or treat”. Hope you are inspired by my halloween creations.



See you very soon!

Creatively easy!


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DIY Pumpkins Halloween Sign – Trick Or Treat

DIY Pumpkins Halloween Sign – Trick Or Treat

Halloween decor would not be perfect without the halloween sign. Therefor, I came across the idea to use ice sticks again as the sign board like I did last time with DIY Fall (in love) Sign. I love the texture that created from the row of the popsicle sticks. I looks great with spray paint, especially white as a sign board base. For the design of the halloween sign, I drew some pumpkins in black, white and orange with the halloween signature sentiment, which is “trick or treat”.

It’s a simple project that only used a little skill of painting, but you can always trick the painting part by using stamps, printing and decoupage. The key to great picture plus sentiment sign board is the sentiment itself and how to present it, the colors, and the interesting object / picture that we want to exposed. Choose the style, the colors, the sentiment and the picture, then you are good to go.

So what did I prepare for my trick or treat pumpkins halloween sign?

  • Ice sticks
  • Glue
  • White spray paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil


It’s mostly a painting job I should say. So, the steps to do it are basically painting, except for the sign board base;

  1. Line up the ice sticks vertically with the length of around 3 x one ice stick length.
  2. Glue some structure ice sticks to the ice sticks – row in horizontal like making a fence. Let it dry.
  3. Spray paint the ice sticks blank sign with white spray paint. Let it dry.
  4. Draw a sketch of the sentiment and the three pumpkins with pencil.
  5. Paint the first bottom pumpkin with black, then the second with orange and the third with white and some silly pumpkin face. Add some shading to elevate the pumpkins’ look. Don’t forget the leaves.
  6. Paint the sentiment “Trick or Treat” with black acrylic paint. Let it dry.
  7. The Halloween Pumpkins Sign with the wording of Trick or Treat is finished!


Inspired to try out your own halloween sign? Gather all your crafting tools and start creating a halloween sign yourself. Have a fun creating and enjoy some treats while you making it!


See you soon!

Create and creativity!



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