Themed Birthday Backdrop As A Board Game

I designed a birthday backdrop that can also be used a board game. It is such a waste to have the birthday backdrop decorations thrown away or ended up at the storage forever. It would be great if we can re-use the backdrop and most of all your kids can enjoy the themed backdrop even after their birthday party has finished. The cool birthday backdrop would make the party continue on the playing room.

I love to plan and do my kid’s birthday party in theme. This time I made Super Mario Bros birthday themed party as my kid has requested. I designed a very simple board game which is streets and buildings to play Lego and Hot Wheels at the same time or just Lego. But still has Super Mario Bros theme all over the board game.


These are some tips you need to do to make a themed birthday backdrop as a board game :

  • Gathers all the free characters’ images involved in the theme, especially the main character. For Super Mario Bros, the main character is Mario, then Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Goombario and many more.
  • Find the free themed font for the birthday greetings and your kid’s name on the backdrop. Super Mario has its distinguished font, I used it for the Happy Birthday, the date and my kid’s name on the backdrop.
  • Identify the colors for the theme. I used red, yellow and green on the backdrop as the dominant colors from Mario bros theme.
  • Design the board game. I used the easy idea which is making streets and buildings board game.
  • Used the characters of the theme all over the backdrop board game. I showed Mario as the main character by giving him the biggest and top position of the backdrop. The rest of the support characters are placed here and there to make the festive look and the feel of the theme.
  • Have it printed in banner. And don’t forget to use your creativity!


If you follow those tips, I’m sure it would be easier for you to design your own themed birthday backdrop that can be used as the board game to your kids. To compose the backdrop template, I used Corel Draw by the way. You can use other easier apps to make it, as it is for personal use, you don’t need super precision template. But, I consider Corel Draw is easy for graphic purposes. Well, have fun designing and making your own themed birthday board game backdrop!


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