DIY Patriotic Beach Party Favor Boxes

This party favor boxes are perfect to make sure your 4th July celebration on a beach to be more festive. It’s easy to make, not many material needed and cheap diy as it is coming from upcycling tissue rolls. A small patriotic look souvenir for every guest is such a simple thank you for their attendance and spirit they bring to your party.

A few things you need to have to make this DIY Patriotic Beach Party Favor Boxes:

  • Tissue cores
  • Red and blue watercolor
  • Red and blue ribbons
  • Mini starfish
  • Glue


How to make the  Red White Blue Party Favor Boxes with a touch of seaside:

  1. Paint every tissue roll with red and blue watercolor by using a flat brush. Stroke it one slow move from top to bottom. Leave it dry.
  2. Form each painted tissue core into a souvenir box.
  3. Make 3 types of the party favor boxes by having a blue ribbon bow on first type, then red ribbon bow on second type and on the last type, glue a mini starfish on the middle of the favor box. Finished!
  4. If you don’t have a starfish and you don’t intend to do a beach theme, let’s just have it tied in blue and red ribbon for the elegant patriotic look.


How fast it is to make these party favor boxes for your beachy patriotic party? It saves more of your time and money but you will get tons of comments on how you put your efforts to the party. Happy trying!

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DIY Halloween Souvenir Box – Boo, Spook, Eek

DIY Halloween Souvenir Box – Boo, Spook, Eek

Get read for Halloween party? I thought that party souvenir box from re-purposing tissue core could be a great addition to Halloween party. This is a very easy diy Halloween project, it can be great for fast preparation of a Halloween party.  So, I made some souvenir boxes with three different look and three different Halloween phrases. Cat for eek, bat for boo, owl for spook.

You can put some treats or small Halloween souvenir inside the souvenir box for each guest to bring home. Kids would love it. I made the owl, cat and bat in a cute look so it wouldn’t look too scary for kids.

So what do you need to make Halloween souvenir box :

  • Tissue cores
  • black paint
  • white paint
  • orange paint (vermilion)
  • paint brush


That’s all? Yes, that’s all you need, basically just tissue cores and some paints. And I only used three colors; black, white and orange; colors of Halloween. But how to make the boo, spook and eek souvenir boxes?

  1. Prepare tissue cores and paint it with black. Let it dry. It’s okay to, If you wanted to wrap it with black color paper.
  2. Fold both sides in a way until it become a shape of a box.
  3. Draw a funny bat face with white paint and on the back, paint the word “Boo” with orange color. Wait until it dry. Your boo souvenir box is ready.
  4. Draw a cute owl face with white paint and on the other side, paint the word “Spook” with orange color. Let it dry. Your spook souvenir box is now ready.
  5. Draw a cat face with white paint and on the other side, paint the word “Eek” with orange color. Let it dry. Your eek souvenir box is also ready.
  6. Finished, you got three looks for your diy Halloween souvenir boxes.


So easy, so cheap, so fast, so simple but yet so cute! Try this at home and be creative with it, you may change the colors or add some bows or ribbons, anything depends on your Halloween theme party. Have a good time trying! And don’t forget to bring along your kids to this easy and fun halloween diy.

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DIY Re-Purposing Tissue Cores Into 6 Matches Stylish Party Decorations (1) – Souvenir Box and Flower Vase

DIY Re-Purposing Tissue Cores Into 6 Matches Stylish Party Decorations (1) – Souvenir Box and Flower Vase

Do you have to throw a sudden small party? Or a last-minute girls gathering? Don’t worry, I have some fast and easy ideas that won’t cost you much money but still stylish. How do you make it stylish? Choose a color theme for your party (matches decorations) then let your creativity do the rest. How isn’t costing you much money? By re-purposing tissue cores into 6 matches stylish party decorations.

For today’s post, I prepared 2 matches stylish party decorations, which are:

  1. Flower Vase

Do not go too far trying to decorate the flower vase, because you want the flowers to pop. So, go simple and minimalist.


  1. Souvenir Box

You can go more on decorating souvenir box, but as my style is always simple but still look stylish.


All I need for this project are only:

  1. tissue cores (any sizes will do)

I used 2 types of tissue cores, the one from toilet roll tissue and kitchen towel.

  1. paper wrapped (choose the one that will be your color theme and or pattern theme)

I used greenish yellow and green stripe which I think it’s very simple but speaks a lot.

  1. ribbons (choose color that matches the paper wrap but not exactly the same color)

I used light yellow to matched.

  1. ribbon flower ornaments ( you can get more color on this but still have to compliment your theme color.

I used pink rose (as an accent) with green leaves (to match the color theme) ribbon ornament.

  1. Laces

I used small white laces to have it looked more chic.

  1. paper doily

Great media for writings and decoration.

And of course you need scissors, glue and drawing pen to execute it.


The green and yellow with pink accent I chose for the theme is of course to give more spring touch to it. It is a spring time now, right? And I kept only 5 things to decorate the tissue cores, so that you will definitely come out with matches party decorations.

Well, that’s it for today, I will continue to make more matches party decorations from tissue cores and show it to you on my next post.

See you in couple of days!

Creativity to be continued…!