DIY Rustic Nautical Sign With Love Life Buoy

Summer is on the way, some of you may have already planned a summer vacation with your loved ones. Or some are excited to welcome their loved ones on their home or their summer home for gathering. If you’re the guests expected one, and they’re going to spent holiday at your home or summer home, you might want to prepare for a fabulous new summer look in your home. To be thrifty and not spent too much on summer decorations, you could try this diy, a rustic nautical sign with love life buoy. Not just scream for summer, this summer decoration is fantastic for nautical style as well. tThe rustic nautical sign would look fresh in your home or your beach home.


What do you need to have to make this rustic nautical sign with adorable love life buoy?

  • Balsa wood or some wooden plank
  • Kraft cardboard
  • Thick cotton rope
  • Red cotton rope
  • Black and white acrylic paint
  • White and blue spray paint
  • Glue


DIY steps to make cotton rope love life buoy into a rustic nautical sign are:

  1. Cut the wooden plank into 3 same length to form a square shape board.
  2. Cut the kraft cardboard into a smaller square.
  3. Glue the 3 planks together with the kraft cardboard as the back structure to the wooden plank board. Let it settle.
  4. To get the rustic look, attention is needed on the painting job. Spray paint the sign board with light blue paint in slightly spots.
  5. Spray the board more with white paint with zig zag move to get an event tone. Then you will see the blue spots would appear in slightly bluish spots. Let it dry.
  6. Now, mix white and black acrylic paint to get a light grey. Don’t go too even with the mixing, we need to get uneven light grey tone. So, just paint it with horizontal moves and add a little water in phases along the way. If you do it right and know when to stop with grey tone, you will see for instance, the rustic look on the sign board. Let it dry.
  7. Draw a proportional love shape on the sign board and leave a space for the wording below the love life buoy you’re going to make.
  8. Poor some glue on the love shape and arrange the thick cotton rope into the love shape by layering it. I did in 5 layers, always in odd number. And try to start and finish the rope on the spot that you’re going to add the red rope, so you can seal it under the red rope. Don’t forget to leave some glue-free space on 4 sides underneath the love shape cotton rope; that’s the room for the red rope to go in.
  9. Wrapped the cotton rope with red rope on the spot you have marked. Again, use odd number for the winding. Your love shape is now looking like a love life buoy, nautical indeed.
  10. Secure all the winding with glue underneath.
  11. Write the word “Family On Board” with black acrylic paint. Isn’t that more nautical words? šŸ™‚ For easy way, you can always use stickers or stencils for the wording. Let it dry.
  12. If you want to use it as a wall hanging decoration, add hanger on the back of the sign board. But for fast easy decor, you can simply put it rest against the wall on a desk or mantel.


This diy rustic nautical sign with love life buoy is a great piece to have your home transferred into a coastal or nautical theme with a touch rustic feeling. I know it’s a bit tricky with the painting job to get the rustic look, but you can re-paint it again and again until you get the perfect tone to the rustic yet nautical look. Hope you dare to try!


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