Upcycled Rattan Basket Tray

An upcycling project to me is a great way to get rid of things from your storage and get a new functional decorative things in return. And this upcycled rattan basket tray is one of it. I upcycled a rattan basket I get from a hamper. I’ve done some make over to the basket into a leather handle rattan tray. It’s simple but it looks sophisticated. I can assure you that it’s super easy to make too. It also goes well with any seasons, winter, spring, summer or even fall.

Pairing the white rattan basket with a brown leather handle brings a great contrast on the color and the texture. White against dark brown and smooth leather against rough rattan. That’s what makes the rattan tray with leather handle looks amazing. Even it’s just a simple matching between the leather and the rattan. Next, I’m going to share with you all the material I used to make the rattan tray and easy steps on how to make my upcycled rattan basket tray.

Things To Prepare

Not many supplies you need for this upcycled tray project. Just a short list of supplies with two important element for you to have which are a basket (rattan or not, will do) and a leather strap/belt. To be more clear, here is the list of supplies to make my upcycled rattan basket tray :

  • A used rattan basket
  • White spray paint
  • Leather handle (I got it from an old leather belt in brown color)
  • metal pins (You can use locking pin backs for a durable use)
  • hot glue

How To Make

This rattan basket tray with leather handle is super easy and quick to make. But as you can see it does really elevate the old rattan basket into a sophisticated tray that you can proudly use to decorate your living room coffee table. Or other table in your home. Anyway, this is the step by step tutorial on how to make upcycled rattan basket tray with leather handle :

1 .I removed the basket handle and keep it for other project, don’t waste it. And clean the rattan basket.

2 .Paint the rattan basket with white spray paint and let it sit for a while until it’s dry.

3 .Cut the old belt to get one pair of leather handle. I glue it to the rattan basket with hot glue and once it is dry, I secured it with metal pins on each sides of the leather handle. You can also use locking pin backs for a better durable result. Since I don’t have locking pin backs, I use the hot glue and metal pin like I have explain above. And if you use locking pin backs, you must have a longer leather handle so you can insert in the leather handle into the basket then pin the leather handle together.in each both end.

4 .Your upcycled rattan basket tray is ready. Now you can use it to organize your things on table or and decorate it with pretty things ytou have. I decorate rattan tray with my nautical canister (for a summer coastal touch), my bud vase and some of my books.

I love making trays, it’s a great tool to organize things that usually scatter on table. And you can make it as a decorative element on your table, from dinning table, working desk to coffee tables. I made some trays like rustic tray from ice sticks, upcycled pedestal tray to upcycled gold tray. And those, mostly are upcycled project from things that we usually throw to garbage bin. So, do you have any basket sitting in your storage room? Make use of it and please, upcycle it into this amazing rattan basket tray with leather handle! And don’t forget, an old leather belt or leather bag’s handle is the significant accent to this tray project.

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