Decoupage White Pedestal Tray With Vintage Blue Roses – DIY

Decoupage White Pedestal Tray With Vintage Blue Roses – DIY

This project is a marriage between my two old projects of Vintage Blue Roses Artwork and Pedestal Tray from DIY Upcycle Frying Pan. I made a plain white pedestal tray, that gives a porcelain look, but then I think it would look prettier if I paint something on the tray. Instead of painting something, I decided to use my vintage blue roses art paper as a decoupage to my pedestal tray.

It is a very simple steps to do for decoupage project. You just need :

  • A decoupage object ( I used my vintage blue roses artwork )
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Clear Paint
  • Brush
  • Subject to decoupage with (mine is diy white pedestal tray)


And those simple steps to decoupage my pedestal tray are:

  1. Cut-out the decoupage object carefully.
  2. Clean thoroughly the surface of the tray area that wanted to be decoupaged. Make sure it is clean and dry.
  3. Glue cut out decoupage object onto the tray of the area you wanted. Let it dry.
  4. Paint the decoupage area with clear paint evenly. Let it dry.
  5. Finished! I got myself a pretty pedestal tray with decoupage vintage blue roses.


Very easy and pleasy project! You can substitute the decoupage object with anything else, like paper wrap, tissue napkin as the favorite one, map, drawings, etc. Mine is using my vintage blue roses artwork on sketch paper, because I love to choose my own object and sketch paper is very thin, so it is a great media for decoupage project.



I’m happy with this project, I got myself a new pedestal tray with vintage blue roses that i love so much. Hope you inspired to make your own project and follow me for more DIYs!

Make your creativity happens!

See you next month!



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Pedestal Tray From DIY Upcycle Frying Pan

Pedestal Tray From DIY Upcycle Frying Pan

I have mentioned before on my old post, DIY Upcycle Frying Pan Into Shabby Wall Decoration; that I got lots of un-used frying pan. One of it have to be out of my “junk” collection and up-graded into something useful, yes, a up-cycle project.

At first I wanted to make it into a lovely tray, but then I think it’s too deep to be a standard tray. So, I came up with the idea of making it as a pedestal tray. The shape, the diameter and the depth of the frying pan does better as a pedestal tray. A super cheap pedestal tray, because I only need to buy a leg as the pedestal. It would be better if I got something I can use to serve as a pedestal, but I don’t, so I just bought a wooden sofa leg, ready to use and cheap!

These are only what I need to make a pedestal tray :

  • Un-used frying pan
  • White spray paint
  • A wooden sofa leg
  • Glue


How to up-cycle the frying pan into a pedestal tray?

  1. Take off the handle of the frying pan.
  2. Clean the entire surface, back and front of the frying pan thoroughly. Make sure it’s clean and not greasy.
  3. Glue the wooden sofa leg as a pedestal to the back of the frying pan. Leave it until it completely dry and firm. Now, you got your raw pedestal tray.
  4. Spray paint the pedestal tray evenly with white color paint. Start from the back pan and the pedestal first, let it dry then follow with the front pan and let it dry.
  5. The pedestal tray from un-used frying pan is finished!


Now, you can use the pedestal tray to contain some fruits, cakes, decoration ornaments, succulent arrangement, centerpiece, and more other decorative functional use that you can think of. Super easy and super cheap, right? I’m sure you have an unused frying pan laying somewhere in your home, up-cycle it and have yourself a new functional decoration. Happy up-cycling!



Creative today!

See you soon!



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