DIY Patriotic Flower Vase

Today I share with you a very easy DIY Patriotic Flower Vase. It’s super simple and quick to make that it will be a great 4th of July decoration you can make in a short preparation. How convenience! Yes, and it’s also super low budget. It would be a wise choice to upcycling and use low budget supplies to make annual decorations in this hard situation. So, let’s find out more about my DIY red white blue Patriotic Flower vase.

Things To Prepare

The materials are only things around your home, and if you’re a crafter, then I’m sure you will have all the supplies I use. This Patriotic Day project is flexible in supplies, because you can use anything you can find at home that resembles things that I use to make my DIY glasses holder for Father’s Day gift. Anyway, here is the list of supplies to make my DIY Patriotic Flower Vase :

  • A used glass jar (mine is missing its lid, so I can no longer use it as a jar)
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Blue polka-dot ribbon

( If you don’t have the ribbon like mine, you can be creative with what you have. Like maybe you can paint your plain blue ribbon with white dots or put stickers. Or you can paint a white ribbon into blue polka ribbon. And another way is to use a plain blue ribbon and put some star embellish on it. Up to you! )

  • paper pom pom

You can make this pom pom from crepe paper or you can simply use white flowers, either fresh white flowers from your garden or faux white flowers. Just make use of anything you have. I use white paper pom pom because I don’t have white fresh flowers for this moment.

How To Make

My red white blue vase is easy to make, just a little paint job which doesn’t need an extra skill to do it. I’m sure your kids can tag along the making process. Anyway, this is the step by step tutorial on how to make my DIY Patriotic Flower Vase :

1 .Clean and dry the glass jar you want to use for this upcycling patriotic day project. Then paint the glass jar with red acrylic paint. Paint it roughly or smoothly will be your choice. The result will have their own character, weather is rustic rough by using paint brush to paint; or a smooth clean modern look if you use spray paint; all up to your style. I myself, use paint brush to get the farmhouse rustic look. Leave it to dry.

2 .Cut a blue polka ribbon and tie a bow on the neck of the jar.

3 .Put the white paper pom pom on top of the red blue vase and you’re done!.

Super quick and easy to make, my DIY Patriotic Flower Vase may take a longer time to wait for the paint to dry then other steps of making it. That’s why you can bring along your kids or your old folks to join along this patriotic day project. You can make more than one of this red white blue flower vase and use it as centerpieces on your 4th of July dinner table. How lovely it would look on your dining table. Well, have a great time making it!

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