Upcycled Penguin Socks Doll – No Sewing

I almost throw away my kid’s old socks until I realized I can make dolls out of it. It’s difficult to find an idea out of unattractive white and black socks. At first, I wanted to make a batman doll, but I couldn’t find a way without sewing and cutting it, which I find it so handfull. Luckly, I thought of penguin! Yes, a penguin is just perfect for my white and black socks. I don’t need to cut, attach the pieces, and sewing all together; in the other hand, I just need to form it and glue it! So, this DIY Upcycled Penguin Socks Doll is No Sewing involved at all! Yay!

This cutie penguin socks doll is so easy to make because you don’t need to sew it at all. You would only need some glue to work it out. And white black socks are not like cute patterned socks that are easily turned into pretty socks doll, but you can make it into a sweet little penguin socks doll for your kids. So, instead of throwing all your plain white and black socks, you can turn it into an adorable new toy for your kids! Yes, a no – sew upcycled penguin doll socks! Let’s find out more on how I make a penguin socks doll without sewing.

Things To Prepare

First of all is to prepare all supplies needed for making my penguin socks doll . It’s just a list of common craft supplies, so it won’t give you hard time to gather all the materials. Here are the list of supplies you will be needed to make penguin doll from upcycled socks without sewing:

  • Three white and black socks (1 1/2 pairs) I used old socks
  • Two googling eyes
  • Black, white and yellow craft foam
  • Red ribbon
  • UHU glue

How To Make

My penguin socks doll is super easy and quick to make. And you don’t need to fill it with dacron or any stuffing, you just use all your old socks. Without any further, here are the easy steps to make DIY Upcycled Penguin Socks Doll :

  1. Take your clean old socks, you need 3 socks or more. I used one as the skin, and two other socks as stuffing, but you can add more socks to make a chubbier penguin.
  2. After you stuff two socks in two parts, as a head and as a body; you fold in the excess socks (the skin part) and leave a black part more. The black part will serve as the penguin’s feet.
  3. Glue the excess black part to secure the whole stuffed penguin and at the same time, fold a bit in the center to show two little black penguin’s feet.
  4. While it’s drying, you cut white craft foam in a shape of a circle in a pair, for penguin’s eyes. Glue it in the middle line of the black and white border, on penguin’s head. Add a pair of googling eyes on top.
  5. Take a yellow craft foam and cut two little triangle and glue it together to make the beak. Then, glue it between the eyes.
  6. Get more craft foam, this time in black and white. Cut them to make a pair of penguin’s wings. glue each black and white together and use the black side as the top. Glue each wing into the left and right of the penguin’s body.
  7. The last step is to add more cuteness to this little penguin doll by adding a red scarf from a red ribbon.Tie them above the hands. The scarf is also used to shape and separate the head part and the body part of the penguin’s socks doll. Finished!

I bet the little ones would love it, it’s squishy and cute. For mommies, it’s a quick and super easy DIY socks doll to make. Anyone can make this penguin socks doll, because you don’t need to sew anything! Just one tool to make my socks doll, which is glue. So, this no sew socks doll would be great for kid’s craft too. Anyway, it’s not bad at all to save some money from buying a new toy for your kids. Okay, now please don’t toss away any of your old white and black socks, it doesn’t look appealing as a socks doll like maybe your husband’s socks; whoever, but it will look super cute once you turn it into a penguin socks doll. Use those old socks to make one or more penguin socks doll and explore more of your creativity to make different looks on the penguins. Have fun trying!

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