DIY Flower Gift Bucket For Mom

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks to come. This year I’ve prepared a face skin pampering gift in a stylish Flower Gift Bucket for my mom. My mom loves flowers, that’s why every Mother’s Day gift for her has to have some flowers in any form in it. And now is this stylish gift bucket that has a big element of ribbon flower. Once you made one, I’m sure you will addicted to make more. It’s easy and quick to make, perfect for mini gift basket and mini souvenir bucket as well.

Things To Prepare

Easy and short list of craft supplies to be prepared for this Mother’s Day gift bucket. Try to replace it with something similar to my material if you don’t have the same one. Just use whatever you have in your craft stash. Let’s see what are the list of supplies for this DIY Flower Gift Bucket For Mom :

  • Plastic bottle (you can replace it with plastic jar or any other plastic holder you can recycle)
  • Pink ribbon
  • a faux pearl
  • Clear glue
  • Pink colored wire
  • Used white paper card ( I got it from toy’s box )
  • Black acrylic marker

How To Make

It’s super easy to make, but the result is a fancy stylish looking gift bucket that will paint a happy smile on your mom’s lovely face. Anyway, follow these easy steps on how to do DIY Flower Gift Bucket for Mom :

1 . Make sure your plastic container (bottle or jar) is clean. I’m lucky to have a white plastic bottle that I don’t need to paint. Cut the bottle in your desired height, it depends on the proportion as a whole bucket. My bottle is a square bottle with 2:3 ratio between the width and the height.

2. Now poke two holes, each on left and right for inserting the pink wire. Don’t forget to secure both ends by tilting the pink wire.

3. Let’s now work with the flower ribbon! Apply a little glue in the center of the front bucket. Start tilting pink ribbon from the center as the inner flower. Keep circulating from the back side of ribbon flower until the flower is as wide as the width of the bucket.

4. Add a little faux pearl in the middle of the pink flower.

5. Get a paper card and cut into a circle, punch a hole on top and write “Mom” by using black marker. Insert a smaller size of pink ribbon into the Mom-card and tie a bow to the bucket wire-holder.

6. Add in some fabric or shredded paper on the bottom of the flower gift bucket before you arrange the skin care and cosmetics inside. Also add a little piece of baby’s breath at the bucket’s corner. Super stylish and fancy!

Easy and beautiful stylish flower gift bucket for your mom. I’m sure the gift and the look of the floral bucket will make your mom happy on Mother’s Day.

This DIY Flower Gift Bucket For Mom project is my contribution to The Sustainable Craft Challenge Blog Hop hosted by Julie with her beautiful blog Sum of Their Stories. It’s a craft challenge with a sustainable principle behind it which comes in different theme every month. This month, the theme is “Flower” and the last four months were “SPRING” “SOFT” “LOVE” and “WARM“. I love to be part of this challenge as I love to upcycle things into something new, beautiful and useful.

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DIY Wire Brooch for Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s day is next month, have you think of something to give your Mom? How about you make something pretty with your own hands. It would be more personal and precious to your mom, knowing that you made it yourself. After all, most of you may have more free time to spent at home, so you can Do It Yourself your Mother’s Day gift. I have a Mother’s Day inspiration gift for this post, which is a DIY Wire Brooch with sparkling gems.

I made this very humble brooch with very simple things, just some copper wire and some gems stickers. It’s a cute gift for your mom, super easy too. Especially when you just started your hobby for craft; you can show of a bit of your new  hobby to your mom.


Things To Prepared

You would only need to prepare three things with some craft tools to make this DIY Wire Brooch for Mother’s Day Gift. And those are:

  • Wire in copper color ( you can also use gold color to look fancier, mine is copper because I wanted a vintage look)
  • Gems stickers (copper and gold color gems and some pearl stickers)
  • Safety Pin
  • Glue
  • Hot glue


How To Make 

It’s so easy and simple DIY Mother’s Day gift, this wire brooch is only need 3 main things to be prepared and also three easy steps to make the brooch gift.

  1. Bent and form the copper wire into a flower shape.
  2. Arrange the gems stickers with desired design. Then secure each gem with glue. Let it dry.
  3. Take your glue gun, apply some at the back of the wire brooch on the center and before it’s dry, stick the safety pin onto the hot glue. Let it dry.


Tips : If you want try other color than mine, please pay attention to the wire and gems. Use darker wire if you want your gems in light color tone and vice versa. I used different kind of gems in shape, color and dimension; but still stay in the same range of the color tone. I  chose the color tone of the gems that match the copper color of the wire, which is white pearl, gold range colors and brown color tone.

Easy DIY gift to make for Mother’s Day, just need a little creativity to arrange the gems on the wire brooch. More over, the result is amazing, looks pretty blink with a little vintage touch. You can come out with other color tone, depends on your Mother’s favorite color. Hope you have fun and creative time in making it!


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Happy Mother’s Day Flowers In Watercolor Card

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms and Moms to be! Different country would have different day for Mother’s Day, but all moms deserve one day to be celebrated, pampered and showered with so much love, agree? And the best simple traditional way is to give mom flowers with a card. But you can give both in one card, a flowers card. I painted a bouquet of flowers in watercolor with the words “I Love You Mom”.


I sketched the flowers bouquet with pencil and painted it with watercolors. I wrote the words “I Love You” by using drawing pen and “Mom” with brush pen. If you would like to know what colors that I used for painting, here are below:

  • Crimson & White ( I mixed it to get pink shades)
  • Lemon Yellow & Ochre ( I mixed it to get darker yellow)
  • SAP Green


Not just handmade card you can give your mom, but a hand painted Mother’s Day card would be meaningful as well as a gift. It’s just a quick painting with watercolors, but your mom would be happy especially if it’s her favorite flowers that you drew. So, be inspired, and if it’s not for this year’s Mother’s day, you can use the inspiration on next year or on mom’s birthday! Happy Flowery Mother’s Day!


For more inspiration on Mother’s Day gift, check out Easy Handmade Coasters Gift For Mother’s DaySuper Quick & Easy DIY Flower Vase For Mother’s Day Gift and Best Flowery Gifts On Mother’s Day

See you!

Happy Creative Mother’s Day!



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Best Flowery Gifts On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is only a week to come. Have you prepare anything to give your mom? If you haven’t got time to make handmade Mother’s Day gift, today I have some best flowery gifts to present your mom on Mother’s Day.

I designed the flowery wreath and then painted it with watercolor paint. A few wording to praise our moms are written in the middle of the flowery wreath.


The best flowery gifts on Mother’s Day are coming in:

  1. Flowery indoor pillow with pleasant words. It’s coming with many choices of colors, just order your mom’s favorite.
  2. Flowery t shirts and tank tops. It has many collars variations, colors and sizes. Choose your favorite and the one that’s fit.
  3. Flowery  tote bags. It comes in white to have the flowery wreaths looks poping!

The choices of the three flowery Mother’s Day gifts (indoor pillows, t shirts and tote bags) are available in three different wording, which are :





I would be happy if I gifted with the third wording “Best Mom Greatest Wife” 😄 So, how about you? Which flowery Mother’s Day gift with what wording do you want to give or receive? 

If you would like to see more  details  of the flowery Mother’s Day gifts and excited to order, please visit HenMel Design @Teespring. Happy gift shopping for Mother’s Day!

See you soon!

Be creative mom!


Easy Handmade Coasters Gift For Mother’s Day

This can be a last minute easy handmade project to make as a gift for Mother’s Day. A simple handmade gift just to bring a smile to your mom. Easy coasters made from popsicle sticks with a little panting and writing job.

What do you need to make easy handmade coasters as a gift on mother’s day:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue for wood
  • Green, yellow, red, blue, white acrylic paint (mixed it to get pastel colors of blue, purple, green, yellow, pink).
  • Cotton rope
  • Kraft card in round shape.
  • Black brush pen


Not many things to prepared to make this easy handmade coasters. Let’s go through the simple steps to do Mother’s Day gift coasters.

  1. Line up the popsicle sticks until the dimension is square.
  2. Give structure to the line of popsicle sticks.
  3. Draw a circle and a little heart. Paint the circle with each color paint you have prepared. Leave the love shape area from painting. Let it dry.
  4. Write the word “Mom” with brush pen. Let it dry.
  5. Paint the circle Kraft card with white paint and write “Happy Mother’s Day” with drawing pen.
  6. Punch a hole on the card and tie it to the set of handmade coasters with cotton rope.
  7. Your handmade Mother’s Day gift is ready. I keep it simple but if you want to add more ornaments to the gift card, feel free.


You can change the colors with your mom’s favorite color. I prefer pastel colors because it looks so soft and goes well with the wooden popsicle sticks. Well, have fun making the handmade coasters for Mother’s Day gift!

For more inspiration on Mother’s Day gift, check Super Quick & Easy DIY Flower Vase For Mother’s Day Gift.


See you!

Happy creative Mother’s Day!



Challenges I entered for the handmade Mother’s Day gift coaster:

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Super Quick & Easy DIY Flower Vase For Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is coming soon, you may still searching for the right gift that is meaningful. A DIY gift could be a perfect meaningful gift for Mother’s Day. And I got this super quick and easy DIY flower vase idea for Mother’s Day gift. It’s simple but when you combine it with your mom’s favorite flowers along with the words “Best Mom Greatest Grandma”; it became super meaningful DIY Mother’s Day gift.


Several things you need to have to make this super quick and easy diy mother’s day gift :

  • Very thick cardboard roll (as the flower vase)
  • Kraft card
  • White cotton rope
  • Black marker
  • White, green and blue acrylic paint (mixed it)
  • Glue


How to make this super quick and easy DIY flower vase for Mother’s Day gift? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Cut a circle out of kraft card to be be used as a base for the flower vase, stick it with glue.
  2. Draw a circle on the cardboard roll and paint it roughly with the mixed acrylic paint. Leave it dry.
  3. Apply some glue around the painted circle and stick the cotton rope around in 3 layers. Let it dry.
  4. Write the word “Best Mom Greatest Grandma” with black marker.
  5. To have it as a perfect gift, insert your mom’s favorite flowers into the flower vase you’ve made. Done!!


Isn’t that easy and super quick DIY or what? I was only spent 15 minutes to have the vase finished. Your mom would love it, the look, the amazing words and her favorite flowers altogether in one DIY flower vase! Greet her on Mother’s Day with DIY gift would be a great gesture to show love to your mom. I hope my simple idea inspires you with the meaningful Mother’s Day DIY gift.

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See you again!

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