Free Printable Lavender Memo And Letter Paper

Today is your turn to get the free printable of Lavender Memo and Letter Paper that I have prepared for you. Therefor, the Lavender Free Printable Set is now complete. The Lavender Set of printable is consist of Lavender To Do List, Journal, Notes, Memo and Letter Paper. The memo has four options of looks and dimensions which serve your needs.

This set of Lavender Free Printable is arranged in computer graphic which showcase my watercolor painting of Lavender flowers. It’s a calming and beautiful looking flowers which would look fabulous laying on your desk from the printable sheets. And you can add more mood enhancer through the printable by adding lavender scented oil.


Besides of its therapeutic scent and beautiful look; like any other flowers, Lavender flowers have known for some meanings. The meanings comes from its look, symbol, color, and most known meanings of Lavender flowers are:

  • Devotion
  • Serenity
  • Purity
  • Silence
  • Caution
  • Grace
  • Calmness
  • Royalty
  • Femininity

Purple is best known as a color of royalty, whereas pink color represent youth, therefor lavender is often reflects mature femininity. As the flowers were used to decorate homes of Royals, lavender describes refinement, grace, elegance and royalty. As for that, lavender blossoms arrangement would be a perfect gift for important and loved person in your life. 

I guess I have done nothing wrong to choose this magical and exceptional flowers to be used in this sets of free printable. And hopefully, the Lavender printable would be terrific tools to help you to do your work, more organized, efficiently and happily! Happy printing!

Download this free PDF file; Lavender Journal and Lavender Notes which I have arranged each in 2 options. Original size was prepared on A4.

Free Printables – Lavender Memo

Free Printables – Lavender Letter

To have the Lavender To Do List, journal and notes; please go to Free Printable Of Lavender To Do List and Free Printable Of Lavender Journal And Notes. For more future posts, please follow me! And if you wanted to add my creations to your Pinterest board, please follow me on Pinterest! Also find me on Instagram!

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Note : Please use the printable for personal use only, not to be sold, duplicated or modified in any form. And for sharing purposes, please share this link (for downloading the printable straight from Decor Craft Design) instead of distributing it. Please contact me for further information.