Furniture Ideas For 10×10 Feet Craft Room, Nursery Room And Guest Room From Ikea

Now it’s time to show you Furniture Ideas for 10×10 Feet Craft Room, Nursery Room And Guest Room From Ikea. Last time, I have shared another 2 rooms in a post; Best Furniture Ideas for Office Room and Kid’s Playroom of 10×10 Feet From Ikea. As for those who just read this post, I should explain that these 2 posts are the extension of my earlier post of 5 Functional Rooms To Get From 10×10 Feet Space; which I have shared the furniture layout for 5 different type of room. And Those 10×10 feet rooms are the 5 rooms that are commonly needed in almost every home.

Without any further, let’s go through each room one by one:

1. Craft Room / Hobby Room with Ikea’s


Considering this is only a 10×10 feet craft room, lots of vertical storage for crafting materials and some display area for your creations are the important things to have. For that, I chose the high white cabinet from Ikea (1) and you can have 2 of them for maximum storage. Most of the important thing you need in a craft room of course is a table together with a comfy chair. I prefer the two folding drop-leaves table from Ikea (3) that allows you to adjust the table size according to your needs, isn’t it fun furniture idea? Especially when you have guests to help you with your crafts, you need more chairs around your craft table. And I picked the white mixed wooden chair that is just the furniture to do your crafts.

I chose neutral colors, white and wooden colors with metal elements. Besides the cabinet, table and chair; the rest are more to functional decoration elements, but they’re also important to upgrade your mood level and gives you inspiration; which plays a significant role to your crafting process. Those Ikea’s decorations are the metal desk lamp (7), cute succulent in tin pot (4) for the crafting table and 2 plants in wooden (6) and the other in white vase (2). The last element was the beige curtain from Ikea (8). The rest of the wall on this craft room is still an empty canvas for you to hang more of your creations, so it can serves as a gallery.

2. Nursery Room with Ikea’s


For me, a baby’s room should be serene, soft, cute, comfy and functional. For a 10×10 feet nursery room, a best selection of furniture should be done carefully, only the functional but comfy, cute, soft and serene that should be picked. This nursery room is in blue shades idea which I think is so serene; but if yours is a girl, just change it into pink or any other colors which provided by Ikea’s kids furniture.

The baby’s bed (3) has some drawers for storage and could be used as a seating / daybed too, what a value! And it’s very simple looking. Put a little teddy bear (9) on the bed for cuteness. More storage from the white cabinet (4) which you can arrange it together with the changing table (5). A simple white standing lamp (8) will provide a soft lighting to the nursery room. And for the mommy-baby time, a nursing comfy sofa (6) with a small thin curvy coffee table (7) will be a great idea. Last one is to add soft element to the nursery room by adding a blue curtain (1) with white lacy curtain (2) underneath. I think it goes very well.

3. Guest Room with Ikea’s


A small guest room of 10×10 feet could be a challenge, but if you choose the right furniture it will be a best functional guest room. That’s why I use Ikea’s furniture to describe the room’s idea, because the design is simple, sleek, slim and very functional. And lots of white which I love most. This Ikea’s simple design single bed (7) with extra bed underneath, plus 2 drawers screams for space efficiency! 2 in 1 bed plus storage? Who wouldn’t want that? Paired with 2 slim nightstands (1), and adjustable wall lamp (4), in-bed experience will be completed. I gave some bright colors stripes to the bedsheet and pillows (6) and mixed it with blue pillows (5) .

A clothing hanger for clothes and a chest on the bottom (8) is great furniture idea for a small 10×10 feet guest room; have it in 2 to give more storage. Put a medium tall plant next to it, for refreshing touch. A white sleek coffee table (11) with extra room below for mobile phones is paired with white wooden chair (10), so sophisticated but simple. Decorate the chair with blue or yellow pillow and succulent on the coffee table for more color and texture. The last element is the curtain (2) which I picked in white but has colorful top that match the bedsheet.



I chose mainly white color with other bright colors on each 10×10 feet room to give a bigger feeling to the space. Bright color, especially white is a small room’s best friend. And Ikea’s furniture is mostly comes in white and bright colors. The design is very functional and efficient, sleek with clean lines, just simple! Those qualities are best idea for furniture selection of small room’s like these 10×10 feet craft room, nursery room and guest room.


See you later!

Furnish it with more creativity!