How To Make Easy Valentine’s Treats Decoration

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? You want to have a simple celebration but enough to bring up the Love vibes? Then my Easy Valentine’s Treat Decoration will help you prepare one of the elements for Valentine’s Day. Have a cute simple treats on Valentine’s Day is forgiven, pink shades are not tacky, so combine these two things, then you’ve got yourself a valentine’s treats which able to decorate your Valentine’s Day simple celebration.

I made a very easy Valentine’s Treats Decoration from a cute Valentine’s container which made out of a Pringles can and some pink and blue marshmallows. I think marshmallows are perfect for Valentine’s Day treats beside chocolates and candies. Marshmallows are sweet, soft, yummy, come in many soft pretty colors and usually looks adorable even in just a regular marshmallow form. Don’t you agree?

Things To Prepare

Like always, I use things that I can find on my craft supplies and always try to repurpose or recycling things. I don’t intentionally buy new supplies unless it’s an essential part of my project that I don’t have. Let’s see what are the list supplies which were used to make this Easy Valentine’s Day Treats Decoration :

  • Small Pringles can
  • Decorative paper wrap (mine is with heart pattern)
  • Pink ribbon
  • Clear glue and paper glue
  • Pink paper straw
  • Marshmallows in white and pink

How To Make

An adorable Valentine’s container with marshmallows is super easy to make and serve. The Valentine’s treats can be a decoration element as well. Anyway, just follow these easy steps on how to make Easy Valentine’s Treats Decoration :

1 . Prepare a small Pringles can or any other similar can. Make sure it’s cleaned.

2. Cut the decorative paper wrapper to the size of the can and then glue it to wrap the Pringles can.

3. Next is to paste a small pink ribbon around the top and bottom of the Pringles holder with clear glue. Your Valentine’s Treats holder is done!

4. Now, take some pink and white marshmallow and thrust it one by one to each pink straw.

5. Lastly, arrange all of those pink and white marshmallows on straw in the Valentine’s holder. Super cute for Valentine’s treats decoration isn’t it?

This easy Valentine’s Treats is great for Valentine’s Day decoration. It can be one of a great Valentine’s treats decoration on the Valentine’s treat station in your home. Mixed it with other treats or maybe even make more of this Valentine’s treats and put it along your Valentine’s tablescape as a center piece. Be creative with it.

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