Sunflowers Oil Painting – Home Decoration

Sunflower Oil Painting – Home Decoration


Inspired by this summer blooms… I painted Sunflowers in a vase with oil paint. My husband bought me some sunflower seeds because I love flowers and he likes sunflowers. But until now, I haven’t grown any of the seeds, I just don’t have enough space for the spot to grow a one big sunflower plant. So, as usual, if I could not have it, I will paint it 😀

I started it with a sketch of pencil on 30 cm x 30 cm canvas to have an order of the composition. Well, this is my second attempt of painting using oil paint. The first oil painting I made was the Hydrangea Oil Painting. This time I have more confident than the first time.


I started to paint the background, then the sunflowers. After that I painted the vase and the leaves which I continued in the next day. I wanted this sunflowers painting to be bright and cheerful, so I chose the background with the light blue color which faded into white then darker mixed colors. And the vase is also yellow, but darker.



It was quite tricky when I came to the part of painting the sunflower’s petals. I have to show how the petals in individuals, the shape of the petals, the twisting petals. How to separate each bloom but still as one arrangement is also a challenge to me.


The oil paint colors I used:

  1. Primary Cadmium Yellow
  2. Ultramarine Blue
  3. Yellow Ochre
  4. Sap Green
  5. Burnt Umber
  6. Cadmium Light Red
  7. Ivory Black
  8. Titanium White


I’m quite happy with my sunflowers oil painting, I can add it to my home decoration collection of paintings and drawings. This is just a great flower for representing summer, as it is has a look of sunshine. And also, this painting is a thought for my fellow blogger who also loves sunflowers, Our Little Red House.


By the way, I entered a lot of challenge for this Sunflowers painting. Somehow, challenges motivates you to create and be creative due to its challenge theme. And the best part is when you got picked for top 3, top 5 , winner, favourite, any category, that will surely give you more motivation to create more and brighten up your day. Plus the badges you earned that you can display it proudly in your page. So, check all of this wonderful challenge sites I’ve entered:


So, that’s it for today, I hope you enjoy my Sunflowers Oil Painting. Or maybe inspired to paint one yourself or even making a great craft out of the inspiration of my painting. It will be a great piece for your home decorations.

See you again!

Be brightly creative!