5 Functional Rooms To Get From 10×10 Feet Space

5 Functional Rooms To Get From 10×10 Feet Space


You probably ask yourself what room can I get from 10×10 feet space? Such a tiny space for a functional room! Yes, a small space indeed, but yes you can get a very functional room for just 10×10 feet space. It is not a spacious room but everything you need are fit into the room. Of course not all things you want, but all things you need to have for the room to be functional as it’s should be.

Here I got 5 functional rooms to get from 10×10 feet space with the furniture layout. These are the rooms that usually needed or to be added later in a home. The 5 rooms are:

1. Office Room / Study Room


Actually home office / study room is a must room in one’s home. Even you don’t work from home, you still need a special room where you can do something with your laptop, mails, do your taxes, anything; and especially nowadays where almost all people lives their life with internet. This room can be very simple, a working desk, a comfy chair, and shelves. I prefer large working desk, an office chair, some book shelve and maybe some wall shelves to get more storage. And all of that are easily fit in a 10×10 feet office room.

2. Kid’s Playroom


Kid’s playroom is a perfect solution to prevent a home from clutter, not having a grown up room, and be able to have easy monitoring on kids playing session. Moreover to help kids to be more discipline and responsible to their own toys and room. You can have very fun layout and interior for kid’s room, depends on your taste and budget. I choose to have more empty space for kids to express themselves and be active. So, I put some shelves, a kid’s desk and chair, a window seats with lots of cushions and storage room underneath, a nice bright carpet and a fun bean bag. All of these furniture are fit in this 10×10 feet kids playroom.

3. Nursery Room


Just planned to have a baby? Or adding another? Well, maybe you haven’t had a nursery room until the test pack positive. In that case, you may have a small space of at least 10×10 feet at your home which you can make over into a functional nursery room. I have arranged a baby crib, a nice cozy lazy sofa + small table for milk time and a storage shelve for baby’s equipment. Other decorations can be added later when you have arranged the main furniture layout.

4. Guest Room


Having an of-town guest but not having a guest room? That’s okay if you have a room of 10×10 feet that you can converted into a guest room. A bed, a simple wardrobe storage shelve, bedside table, maybe adding a small chair and a coffee table would be great for your guest. This small space would be functional once you arrange the furniture and leave some aesthetic touch for more pleasant experience for your guest to enjoyed.

5. Craft Room / Hobby Room



Your hobby and your crafting needs are build up but unable to make it happen? You need a craft / hobby room to accommodate your needs to create. A big crafting table, lots of storage and great ambience for your creativity to kick in, that’s all you need to put in inside your 10×10 feet craft room. Functional and inspires are the key for great craft room.

Love the layouts of the 5 functional rooms you can get from 10×10 feet space? Please let me know on the comment. Or do you need to consult on the ideas, please don’t be hesitate to ask me. On next other post, I will show you what furniture you can have in each room that would make the 10×10 feet room be functional and of course beautiful but pocket friendly. So, stay with me and follow me for more.

See you later!

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