DIY Fall Gold Acorn

Fall is coming soon, many of you are preparing new decorations to spice things up at home. And for those who love to personalized your own decorations, I may have an idea for your Fall DIYs plan. I made an acorn in gold and reconstructive look. I just love the color gold for fall. It’s an easy DIY fall and simple material to used, even recycled material as one of the main supply for this DIY acorn.

My DIY Fall Gold Acorn is one of a different way to present an acorn. It’s a faux acorn that I made from plastic egg and pistachio’s shells. Quick and easy to make, also inexpensive, that is what I love for a seasonal diy decorations. And for this fall gold acorn, you can use it from year to year because acorn is one of the symbol of the fall and you can easily mix it with other ornaments of decorations. The gold acorn can be used as a main star or as a complimentary ornament; it’s up to you to arrange it.

Things To Prepare

I still have some plastic eggs from last Easter and some pistachio’s shells from my Pistachio’s Shells Sunflower project. So, I didn’t need to buy new supplies for this Fall project. I guess, some of you may have the same supplies as mine, and that would be easier for you to follow my tutorial right away. These are the complete list of supplies you will be needed to make a fall gold acorn:

  • Plastic egg
  • Pistachio’s shells
  • Gold paint
  • Wooden stick
  • Hot glue

How To Make

The great thing about this pistachio’s shells acorn is that it’s so easy to make and inexpensive for you to make in large amount. So, gather all your supplies I have mentioned before and let’s start to make a gold acorn from pistachio’s shells. And these are the easy steps to make DIY Fall Gold Acorn :

  1. Start with choosing pistachio’s shells and separate them in sizes. Take the bigger size group of pistachio’s shells and glue it one by one onto the plastic egg by using hot glue. Position the shells around the middle of the egg and the bigger part of the egg that will be fully covered by pistachio’s shells.
  2. Continue to glue pistachio’s shells one by one, row by row all the way up to the top of the egg. And while the glue is still hot and melt, insert a small wooden stick in the middle top. It would look like a stalk. Let it dry before you move on to painting work.
  3. Use a gold spray paint and spray it evenly to the pistachio’s shells acorn. Wait until it’s dried. Finished!

Yes, this gold acorn is as easy as that! Quick and simple to make, so you can make lots of them and have it to decorate your home for this fall. You can put them on your mantel, your dining table for fall tablescape, living room table, kitchen top or use it to make a fall wreath. Anything, anywhere in other colors too! You can paint the pistachio’s shells acorn in white, blue or other colors you favor. Wait no more and give it a try!

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