DIY Fall Upcycled Jar Gold Vase

Fall decoration I like is usually in white and gold colors. Therefor I make most of my Fall DIYs in gold and white theme. Like this project I just made; it’s a DIY Fall Upcycled Jar Gold Vase. A gold vase made from used mason jar or just regular glass jar. Or you can say a painted mason jar vase. This gold vase with stripes accent is super easy to make, but look at the result, it’s totally brings up the plain glass jar into a different look!

I played a little bit with the colors and pattern on this Fall gold vase. I mixed gold with black and white touch of colors and presented it in stripes pattern look. I also tried to be more creative with sizes of the stripes, so it would not be looking bored. Well, let’s just find out more on supplies that I have to prepare for this Fall DIY and how the simple steps were.

Things To Prepare

This is super inexpensive Fall DIY to make, upcycling used mason jar and some paint and you are ready to start this Fall project. Here are the short list of supplies you will be needed to make a DIY Fall Upcycled Jar Gold Vase :

  • Glass Jar / Mason Jar
  • White acrylic paint
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Black marker

How To Make

I mixed the process of painting between spray painting and hand painting. If you have steady hands, you can follow my way, but if you hesitate, use a paper tape to mark the line for painting the stripes. Anyway, these are the easy steps to make DIY Fall Upcycled Jar Gold Vase in stripes :

  1. Make sure the glass / mason jar is clean and free from oil or debris. Then spray paint the jar with gold paint. leave it to dry.
  2. Paint the bottom side with black acrylic paint. You can use paper tape to mark the border line so you will get a straight result. Let it dry before you continue with the white paint.
  3. Paint the next stripe with white acrylic paint. Use a paper tape to watch out for the border lines, above and below. Or you can paint it with steady hand without using any border tape.
  4. The finished stripe is a thin black stripe which I used a black marker to do it. It’s a lot easier for me that way. But you can use paper tape as the stencil and hand painted it with black. That’s it!

Tips : Make sure when you paint by using spray paint; you spray the object in swiping movement, not spray in one spot. By doing the swiping move, the spray paint will evenly cover the object nicely. And keep changing the different sides of the object for more spray until all surface is covered evenly by the paint. But if you spray in spots, usually the sprayed paint will drip and thick looking in spots which will look bad in result.

A Fall gold vase which is so easy and quick to make. This stripes gold vase is great for last minute fall decoration or a centerpiece for a fall wedding which you would be easy to make in large amount because it’s so simple to make. Add some white flowers and the fall gold vase would look amazing for your fall home decor. Let’s give it a try!

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