How To Make Twinkle Christmas Ornaments By Using Hot Glue

How To Make Twinkle Christmas Ornaments By Using Hot Glue

This is a very easy twinkle Christmas ornaments to make. You only need a steady hand to make it, because you’re going to use a hot glue gun. How? Next you are going to read the tutorial and things you need to make the Christmas ornaments from hot glue.

Things I used to make this hot glue twinkle Christmas ornaments :

  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue (clear)
  • Wire
  • Glitter glue
  • Glitter
  • Glue


Below are the steps on how to make the hot glue Christmas ornaments and how to make it twinkle:

  1. Have your hot glue gun ready with the hot glue.
  2. Apply some lotion to your work surface, just thin layer for easy peeling job.
  3. Apply hot glue to the lotion surface with your desired shape. Let it dry. I made Christmas tree, snowflake, Christmas sock, snowman, star, Noel and Merry.
  4. Now this is the peeling job I have mentioned before, peel off the dry hot glue shape from the surface. The lotion layer should make it easier for you to do the peeling.
  5. Make some little hanger from wire and thrust it into the un-dried hot glue ornament. Apply more hot glue to the hanger and ornament to tighten it. Let it dry.
  6. It’s twinkle decorating time! Apply glitter glue and then dip it into a plate full of glitter. Let it dry.
  7. You just have your personal Christmas ornaments that twinkle, from hot glue!



Easy, fun and you will be addicted to it, because you can make anything out of the hot glue! And by simply adding some twinkle glitters, your Christmas ornaments would look fabulous! How great it is? So, hope you’re inspired and have fun making it! Please let me know which is your favorite Christmas ornaments I’ve made and what shape are you going to make!


Twinkle creativity!

See you later!


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