Easy DIY Spring Fancy Cupcake Topper

Getting stuck at home for long time during Covid-19 even with your loved ones can be gloomy. Try gardening, playing board games or even baking may help to spent more fun time at home. Having a birthday celebration at home with family or just simply having a tea time together can also a fabulous and fun way to past time and at the same time be entertained. And to add more magic and have a fancier birthday party or your tea party at home, try my Easy DIY Spring Fancy Cupcake Topper!

This cupcake topper is looking fancy but easy to make. The whole family can sit together and try this Spring DIY and have fun with cutting gluing work! It’s worth it! It’s super cute DIY and fast to duplicate, so all of your wonderful cupcakes will get the fancy flower topper. Want to know the details? Let’s find out!


Things To Prepare

Not many supplies to get to make these fancy toppers, most of them are laying around in your home. So, let me just list down for you the things I prepared for this Easy Spring DIY:

  • Dark and light pink glittered craft foam
  • Toothpicks
  • Green thin ribbon
  • Fancy tape
  • Glue


How To Make

This is a very fun and easy DIY to make, and it would be merrier if you ask along your kids to help with this fancy flower cupcake toppers. Just follow these simple steps to make Spring Cupcake Topper :

  1. Draw the back of the glittered craft foam with big and small flower shape. Do it to both dark and light fancy foam.
  2. Glue the small glittered flower onto the big flower foam. Do it to the both colors.
  3. Take a green ribbon and tie a knot around the toothpick of the fancy cupcake topper.
  4. Apply some glue to the toothpick and attach it to the back of the fancy flower. Secure it with fancy tape.There you go, your pretty flower cupcake topper for Spring party is ready.


Super easy to duplicate the fancy topper in no time. So you can make lots of them without any trouble. I’m sure this Spring flower cupcake topper will cheer up your day with family at home while having cupcake party, tea time or birthday celebration. Hope you would love to try, happy fancy crafting!

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See you!

Be fancy and creative!