FREE Printable June 2020 Calendar

Month to month flies very fast, even though  most of us have been staying at home for months due to this Corona horror. Like I have promised to giveaway all year long free printable of monthly calendar of 2020, now it’s time for me to share my FREE Printable June 2020 Calendar. It’s a beautiful Spring but soon Summer will come and bring the sunshine. This Hello Summer June Calendar you can download for free and make great plans with it. I really hope that June will be better than months before.

To say hello to summer, I drew a cute bonsai lemon tree. I always think of lemonade with its freshness on a hot sunny day. So, lemon tree is my hello to summer in this June 2020 free printable calendar. By the way, the bonsai lemon tree does really exist, and it looks amazing. All the fruit bonsai trees always amaze me.


Some Facts About Lemon

This yellow juicy fruit called lemon was first grown in northeast India, Burma or China; but the no one knows the real origin of Citrus limon. And I learn to know that a genomic study of the lemon has showed a lemon was a hybrid between bitter orange (sour orange) and citron. This hybrid food is pack with its goodness; its oil, its juice, its skin, its leaves, everything about lemon has its benefit to us. From good scent, health benefits, cleaning purposes, and many more.

Download Free Printable

Please download and print my Free Printable of Hello Summer June 2020 Calendar with bonsai lemon tree.  It’s in PDF to print and maximum size is A4 paper size. Enjoy the Free Printable!



Free Printable June 2020 Calendar

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See you!

Hello Summer June!


Note : Please use the printable for personal use only, not to be sold, duplicated or modified in any form. And for sharing purposes, please share this link (for downloading the printable straight from Decor Craft Design site) instead of distributing it. Please contact me for further information.