Thank You With Frangipani In Watercolor

Thank you to all my beloved followers! I have more than 500 followers now! So happy and grateful! Thanks to you all for the supports, likes, visits, lovely comments that makes me keep going! I really appreciate it, every little attention to big love attention you have given me. Thank you!


To show my appreciation, I painted a frangipani flower by the beach in watercolor. I chose frangipani because this flower is picturing a shiny hot weather and often grows in beachy area; which goes along with my theme for this summer, that is nautical summer. Moreover, the flower of frangipani is a symbol of love and devotion; and that is what I want to give back to you, my followers.


Here I want to share a glance about frangipani. The name “frangipani” comes from a sixteenth-century noble family in Italy who invented a frangipani scented perfume, but it was actually a synthetic perfume that was claimed resembles to the fragrant of the newly discovered flowers by the seventeenth-century French botanist Charles Plumier at that period of time. Frangipani is often associated with love and devotion. And the message behind the Frangipani flower is to be happy, joyful, energetic, and friendly.

So now you know why I painted this frangipani in watercolor just for my followers and readers, many thanks to you all!


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