DIY Spring Vase from Pringles Can

I love to make vase out of anything that I think can serve as a holder. Some may serve as a vase for living plants and some are made for a decorative purpose; in that case, the vase will hold some artificial flowers. The difference is that a vase for living plant must have a hole underneath and able to hold water. In the other hand, a decorative vase can comes from any container with no hole and no need to be waterproofing, just a simple holder can do. I like to use a jar , a tissue core or a mug as a vase for living plants. And now, for a decorative vase, I will show you how I make use of a Pringles can.

I had a vintage look in my mind when I was going to make this Pringles can into a Spring vase. And this time I used a turquoise color and mixed it with some mini pearls and lace to add more vintage feels. But above all, this is a very simple and easy to make Spring vase as a decorative flowers holder. Let’s find out more!

Things To Prepare

I turned this Pringles can into a vintage Spring vase in a short time because it’s super easy to make. Anyway, let’s see what are the short list supplies that are used to make thisDIY Spring vase from Pringles Can :

  • Pringles can (small size)
  • wrapping paper (turquoise shades with lines pattern)
  • white lace
  • White mini pearl sticker
  • Clear Glue

How To Make

You can make several of this Pringles vase as a wedding vase for each table or lined up along a dinner table as a centerpiece. All you have to do is gather all the supplies which I’ve mentioned above and follow these easy steps on how to make DIY Spring Vase from Pringles Can :

1 . Clean your Pringles can before you re-purpose it and wrap it with a turquoise wrapping paper.

2. Take a white lace an glue it on top and below the Pringles vase.

3 .Apply a strand of mini pearl sticker on below part, on top of the lace.

4. Get some vibrant pink and mixed it with soft pink flowers to contrast the turquoise vase.

Here you can see I added some colored quail eggs on the flowers arrangement which I think it goes with Easter and along Spring.

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DIY Bud Vase From Wired Bottle

If you get tired with plain white painted bottles for your home decoration; you should try my idea by adding some wire to it. Yes, I made a DIY Bud Vase from Wired Bottle. It’s an easy upcycling project, especially if you already familiar with painted bottles project. I just give a little different look by adding some wire and mini sign to the painted bottle vase. I used a copper color for wire and give a little sign with the word “Fleur” on it; which in French means “flower”. A little fancy touch to the sentiment may upgrade your wired bottle vase to looking more sophisticated. Interested? Let’s find out the tutorial that I have prepared for you.


Things To Prepare

It’s a simple painted bottle project, I just added a little twist with the wire. So, basically you need an empty bottle with a bit flat shape and some copper wire. The rest are easy supplies to get.

  • Clean bottle with a bit flat shape
  • White spray paint
  • Copper wire
  • Balsa wood plank
  • Black marker
  • White gelly roll pen
  • Hot glue


How To Make

This wired bottle for flower vase is actually very easy recycling project. Easy and less steps to make. Let me explain how I make my DIY bud vase from wired bottle.

  1. Spray paint the bottle with white and leave it dry.
  2. Make a little sign by using painted black balsa wooden plank and write the word “Fleur” with white gelly roll pen. I painted the balsa sign by simply using a black marker.
  3. Take the copper wire and tilt it five times around the bottle and then secure it with hot glue.g
  4. Finish it with the fleur sign on top of the glued wire while it still hot.
  5. I made over a plastic rose to make it looking better and relate to the white wired vase; by spray painted it with white. I sprayed it effortless, so I can get the shade of the original color.


DIY painted bottle is one of the good way to recycle your glass bottles you got from sauce, wine, etc. This upcycling project turn your trash into a beautiful home decoration that you can be proud of, since it’s coming from your crafty hands. Isn’t that great?! This bud vase can be use to decorate your home in different seasons too, winter or spring, thanks to the white clean look. Well, I hope you get inspired by this wired bottle I’ve made. Have a creative thoughts to make your own creation!

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See you!

Mark your creativity!


DIY Fall Leaves Painted Bottles Set In White And Gold

DIY Fall Leaves Painted Bottles Set In White And Gold

I have been keeping bunch of bottles from drinks, oil and etc. Wished that I could do something nice to them. Until now I got the mood to paint small bottles that I got from vitamin C drink. These are small bottles, so I made it into set of three painted bottles. Since now is time to welcome the fall season, I thought I could give some inspiring diy fall painted bottles that can be used as for flower vases or just decorations.

When I think of fall, I mostly think of leaves, all the falling leaves with different shapes and colors. And when you see it from the distance, you can see shimmering gold everywhere and it’s so beautiful. That is why I chose to paint the bottles in white and gold with three different shapes of leaves.

What do you need to do this fall leaves painted bottles set and how to make it in white and gold? Well, you need :

  • Three small glass bottles (choose used bottles, save money!)
  • White spray paint
  • Gold Acrylic paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Organic rope


I was starting with:

  1. Clean the used bottles and dry it thoroughly.
  2. Spray paint the three bottles with white paint. Let it dry.
  3. Sketch each bottle with the desired leaf shape by using pencil.
  4. Paint the leaves carefully in three bottles with gold acrylic paint. Let it dry.
  5. The bottles that I used has texture around the bottom of it, so painted the texture too in gold acrylic to make it pop and add more character. Let it dry.
  6. Tie each bottle with organic rope to give an earthy feeling of fall season.
  7. Your set of fall leaves painted bottles in white and gold is ready!
  8. Get some yellow or orange chrysantemum or gerbera or any other single flower that you like and put one to each bottle and you can use the set as fall centerpiece. I was looking for yellow or orange gerbera but I can only found chrysantemum, so that’s it.



It is so simple, does not take too much work and cheap. It’s a great diy of short time preparation for fall decorations. It’s great for fall centerpiece with sophisticated white and gold if you have dinner party in this upcoming autumn season.



See you all!

Set off to creativity season!



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DIY Re-Purposing Tissue Cores Into 6 Matches Stylish Party Decorations (1) – Souvenir Box and Flower Vase

DIY Re-Purposing Tissue Cores Into 6 Matches Stylish Party Decorations (1) – Souvenir Box and Flower Vase

Do you have to throw a sudden small party? Or a last-minute girls gathering? Don’t worry, I have some fast and easy ideas that won’t cost you much money but still stylish. How do you make it stylish? Choose a color theme for your party (matches decorations) then let your creativity do the rest. How isn’t costing you much money? By re-purposing tissue cores into 6 matches stylish party decorations.

For today’s post, I prepared 2 matches stylish party decorations, which are:

  1. Flower Vase

Do not go too far trying to decorate the flower vase, because you want the flowers to pop. So, go simple and minimalist.


  1. Souvenir Box

You can go more on decorating souvenir box, but as my style is always simple but still look stylish.


All I need for this project are only:

  1. tissue cores (any sizes will do)

I used 2 types of tissue cores, the one from toilet roll tissue and kitchen towel.

  1. paper wrapped (choose the one that will be your color theme and or pattern theme)

I used greenish yellow and green stripe which I think it’s very simple but speaks a lot.

  1. ribbons (choose color that matches the paper wrap but not exactly the same color)

I used light yellow to matched.

  1. ribbon flower ornaments ( you can get more color on this but still have to compliment your theme color.

I used pink rose (as an accent) with green leaves (to match the color theme) ribbon ornament.

  1. Laces

I used small white laces to have it looked more chic.

  1. paper doily

Great media for writings and decoration.

And of course you need scissors, glue and drawing pen to execute it.


The green and yellow with pink accent I chose for the theme is of course to give more spring touch to it. It is a spring time now, right? And I kept only 5 things to decorate the tissue cores, so that you will definitely come out with matches party decorations.

Well, that’s it for today, I will continue to make more matches party decorations from tissue cores and show it to you on my next post.

See you in couple of days!

Creativity to be continued…!