DIY Farmhouse Upcycled Pot Holder

Old cooking pots are always there in storage room, I don’t throw it, I always upcycling it into something I like. Like couple of days ago, I made a flower pot holder from my old enamel cooking pot. I upcycled the cooking pot into a farmhouse pot. You may need to spend some dollars to buy this similar looking farmhouse pot holder. But here, I’m sharing with you how to make a farmhouse pot from upcycling cooking pot with the look that you can find at stores.

It’s a simple looking farmhouse upcycled pot holder, but a simple look can show a modern style even better. I choose a white look and a touch of farmhouse from the jute rope. All the simple elements I put are coming together with a modern farmhouse style. Sounds nice? Of course, because it’s not just it looks beautiful with your farmhouse home decor but the upcycled farmhouse pot is also easy to make. scroll down and see for yourself all my steps to make and all the materials I use to make this lovely farmhouse pot holder.

Things To Prepare

One or two simple supplies are needed for this quick and easy DIY Farmhouse Upcycled Pot Holder. Pretty easy things to find, I’m sure you can have it easily and cheap. Anyway, here is the list of supplies to make my DIY Farmhouse Upcycled Pot Holder :

  • A used or an old cooking pot (mine was an enamel cooking pot)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Dark blue acrylic paint
  • White spray paint
  • Jute rope
  • Black marker

How To Make

It’s simple to make, upcycling an old cooking pot into a farmhouse pot holder will be your fun afternoon. It’s easy to make and the result is gorgeous, so of course it’s fun! So, let’s just go to the step by step part on how to make my DIY Farmhouse Upcycled Pot Holder :

1 .My cooking was a single handle cooking pot. I got help from my husband to take the handle off. After that, clean and dry the cooking pot. My pot has some apple paintings on it that I was dying to get rid off. So, I painted the apple paintings with white acrylic paint. Also the defected area of the pot handle. Leave it to dry.

2 .Now, spray paint the enamel pot, concentrated on the painted area, so it will look smoother and even. Let it dry.

3 .The pot holder is almost finished, with a smooth white look, the pot is ready for some more make over. Take your small brush and paint the pot’s mouth with dark blue paint. Leave it until dry.

4 .Grab a jute rope and tie the enamel pot and end it with a bow.

5 . Last thing to do is to put more character to the -almost finish- farmhouse pot holder, a word of “garden”. Write it with the black marker. And you’re done!

Simple upcycling project to do on your summer. My DIY Farmhouse Upcycled Pot Holder can be a great new addition to your home decor or your garden. Easy and quick to make, and a new pretty farmhouse pot holder is yours!

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