DIY Pumpkin Gothic Halloween

Bored with cute pumpkins, sweet looking pumpkins or scary pumpkin for this year Halloween? You may want to try this pretty yet gothic style pumpkin. It’s not made from a regular pumpkin, but made from a plank. It’s a square black lacey pumpkin with orange ribbon. Black lace together with orange ribbon are really stressed out the gothic look for a Halloween pumpkin. My gothic lacey pumpkin is perfect for an adult Halloween decoration; moreover, it is easy to make and quick too.

A mature pumpkin decoration would add more sophistication to your Halloween decor. And a gothic style is a perfect way to celebrate Halloween without looking over spooky or childish. Take a look at on how I made this DIY Pumpkin Gothic Halloween and you will know how simple it is to have a gothic Halloween decor by using only black lace and orange ribbon to decorate a white plank pumpkin.

Things To Prepare

Different lace pattern would give a different look to the gothic pumpkin. So, don’t be afraid of using other pattern than my lace pattern. And like I have told you on my Halloween Black and White Sign, that if you don’t have a black lace and you have a white lace instead; then you can color it black with black marker before you spend more money to buy some black lace. Anyway, let’s find out my short list of supplies to make my DIY Pumpkin Gothic Halloween:

  • A white plank ( wooden or other material would fine as long as it is white)
  • Black lace
  • Orange ribbon
  • UHU clear glue

How To Make

I promise you, that the process of making this gothic lacey pumpkin is easy and quick. You can make it big, regular or in small size. Put them together in different sizes and have them as a focal point to your Halloween decor. Without any further, let’s just find out my steps on how to make DIY Pumpkin Gothic Halloween:

1 .Have a white plank cut into a square pumpkin.

2. Cut a black lace into 3 parts with the same length.

3. Glue the black laces one by one and wait until it’s dry before you proceed to the next step.

4. Take the orange ribbon and tie a bow and then secure it to the lacey pumpkin by applying glue to it. Let it dry. And you are done! As simple as that!

My DIY Gothic Pumpkin is not just great for Halloween, but you can also have it as your fall decoration. It’s just great to have a decoration that will match more than one occasion, just like this lacey black and white pumpkin. It would look fantastic both for Gothic Halloween or for black and white fall decor!

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Creative Summer Greetings!



20 Easy Fall DIY Decor Ideas that You’ll Absolutely Love

It’s October and still celebrating Fall or Autumn season. Still haven’t late to decor your home with Fall theme. Under budget and easy decor must be the greatest choice for decorating your home in this situation. In that case, don’t miss the recent Redfin article I was featured in: “20 Easy Fall DIY Decor Ideas that You’ll Absolutely Love“.

With leaves on the ground and pumpkin spice lattes in hand — there’s no doubt that fall is in full swing. One of our favorite things about this time of year is all the traditions that come with it, like roasting marshmallows by your backyard fire pit or watching scary movies. But nothing makes it feel like the new season is upon us like decorating our homes with festive, fall decor.

Whether it’s gathering materials from your yard to create warm-colored tablescapes or visiting your local craft store to make a DIY fall wreath, there are many creative and easy ways to embrace autumn in your home. To help inspire your seasonal decorating, Redfin reached out to experts for our most creative — yet simple — fall home decor projects. So before the cold temperatures approach and you have to prepare your home for winter, here are 20 easy fall DIY decor projects you need to try out this season:

Fall DIY Decor Tablescape

1. Shop your home to create a beautiful fall tablescape

Creating fall tablescapes can be as simple as pulling from what is around you. Scour your home for different textures and linens, forage your backyard for flowers and sticks, and bring it all together with small pumpkins and a few candles. Stick to what you love and keep it simple. – Arrows and Bow 

2. DIY seasonal felt flower wreath

Start with a foam wreath and wrap it with yarn. Make a variety of felt flowers and attach a bobby pin to each. Then, adorn the wreath with the felt flowers for whatever season you want. – Vicky Barone

3. Easily create fall DIY decor with items you already own

Adding seasonal decor doesn’t have to break the bank. By pulling together items you already own with warm earth tones and adding a few natural elements, you can bring the season of fall indoors. In my kitchen, I used a wooden tray to hold a vase with branches I cut from a tree in my backyard, a simple glass pumpkin, and an autumn scented candle. – Building Bluebird 

Fall DIY Decor Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

4. DIY faux pumpkin arrangement

To create this easy fall DIY decor, you’ll first need to buy a faux pumpkin and floral stems. Then cut out a small circle around the stem of the pumpkin and remove the stem to expose the styrofoam. Finally, assemble the flowers by poking the end of the stems into the foam, filling in around the pumpkin center. If styrofoam shows, you can conceal it with green moss. – The Home Envy 

DIY candlestick holder table centerpiece

5. A rustic DIY candlestick holder

Candles give off such a cozy vibe, and a special scent for all of your spaces. This rustic DIY candlestick holder has to be one of my favorite DIY decor projects to date. Taper candlesticks are fun to change out for each season to add to your table, mantle, or any vignette. – The Curated Farmhouse 

6. Illuminate your fresh DIY fall tablescape

Create a tablescape using what’s fresh and in season this fall. Using a table runner (either a cream or white color), place warm decorative winter squash, pomegranate, lemons, limes, fallen leaves, and fresh acorns/pinecones-foliage strewn down the table. Illuminate your fall DIY decor display with various fall color votive candles placed throughout the fall items. – Bringing It Home

7. The perfect DIY fall mantle

I just can’t get enough fall, so much that I decided that I wanted it to be exploding out of our fireplace. Use a pallet to create this super simple and super custom mantle centerpiece, then accessorize with your favorite lanterns, faux succulents, pumpkins, leaves, and decorative ribbon. – From Scratch With Maria 

8. Create a fall centerpiece

Centerpieces that are either set on a table in your entryway or on your kitchen or dining room table are always a nice conversational piece for guests. You can either pick some tree limbs that have some autumn leaves on them to put in a vase, get a few mini-pumpkins and pears and put them in a big glass bowl, or purchase some golden gingko to serve as an accent for a couple of bottles of wine on a place setting. – Mommy’s Memorandum 

painted pumpkin fall diy decor idea

9. Copper-dripped pumpkins

Here is a fun and easy no-carve pumpkin decor idea. Take a foam craft pumpkin, paint it white, and drip glue and metallic spray paint on the top. It is a beautiful way to add a little glam to your fall decorations. – Practical Whimsy Designs

10. Fall DIY decor: teardrop swag for your door

Create a welcoming front porch this fall by adding a cozy teardrop swag to your front door. Start with a greenery teardrop base and secure a bow at the top, weaving ribbon throughout the base. Use focal points such as pumpkins or a sign and add picks to create fullness throughout. – Decorator’s Warehouse

11. Make a dollar tree fall splatter screen pumpkin

Take 3 Dollar Tree splatter screens (cut the handles off of 2 of them) and cover them with the fabric of your choice. Hot glue them together in the shape of a pumpkin with the screen that has a handle on top. Wrap the handle with twine. Embellish with a flower and line the edges of the screens with mop strings. – The Maker’s Map 

12. DIY fall sparkle maple leaf decoration

Use a wooden frame base to make a fall sparkle maple leaf decoration. Draw an outline of a maple leaf and paste fall-colored gem stickers. Be creative with the shapes, shades, and arrangement of the gem stickers to get a beautiful fall sparkle maple leaf. – Decor Craft Design

13. Metallic foil pumpkins

Have some fun and decorate your pumpkins a little differently this year with foil. Foiling a pumpkin is easier than you think. Grab any fake pumpkin (or real) and paint it with primer/paint, then add a layer of foil adhesive and allow it to dry. Then choose one of the many different metallic foils and transfer the foil to the surface. – Artistic Painting Studio 

14. Repurpose outdoor items for your festive centerpiece

As the days shorten and the weather starts to cool, entertaining makes a move indoors. Empty the terracotta pots from your patio (or any container), bring them inside to repurpose as a casual and charming candlestick collection on your dining room table. Flip them upside down, place the saucers on top, and set a wide pillar candle in the saucer. Tuck fall leaves and a few gourds or small pumpkins between the candlesticks. And just like that, you have a festive centerpiece to celebrate the season in style. – Kehoe Designs

fall diy decor mophead pumpkin

15. Mop head fall pumpkin decor

You can create this super cute fall DIY decor by using a simple mophead and styrofoam pumpkin from the dollar store. Glue the mop head in sections onto your pumpkin and embellish with a stick from the yard for the stem. Easiest project ever. – Southern Crush at Home 

16. A stenciled wooden centerpiece

To celebrate the bounty of the season and fall’s display of color, adorn your fall table with a wooden plaque stenciled on each end with a beautiful cornucopia design, a symbol of abundance and nourishment. To stencil your wooden plaque, simply lay the cornucopia stencil on top of the plaque and secure with painter’s tape, apply craft paint to desired areas, and remove the stencil to reveal the design. As a finishing touch, display candles and other decor atop the plaque. – The Artful Stencil

17. An easy fall DIY decor idea: a farmhouse wreath 

Create a farmhouse wreath using bleached drop cloth for the perfect fall door decor. Simply bleach (or not) drop cloth, cut into 1-1/2”x9” strips, and tie onto wire wreath form. – The Birch Cottage

18. Easy fall DIY decor: candy corn vases

Candy Corn vases are a simple fall DIY decor idea you can make in minutes. Plus, you can reuse the vases from season to season. Fill vases with water beads in candy corn colors of clear, yellow, and orange. Then add jack-o-lantern faces or “BOO” cut from black vinyl by hand or with an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut. – Smart Fun DIY 

19. A quick fall DIY decor idea using faux leather

Fall decor is all about the warm autumn colors and textures. A quick tip would be to buy some strips of faux leather and, using brass tacks, tack on the leather strip to a white or wooden picture frame. This layered look can add a warm-colored texture to a stark white frame – Colors and Craft

20. Create a decorative scarecrow using recycled materials

Find a board and round the top edges and cut out a stem at the top center. Paint the lower part and the top orangey/brown to resemble a pumpkin and the stem green. Decorate the scarecrow with hair using yarn and then add a band to cover the hair. Paint on a face, make a nose, and attach a silk flower above the band. For the final touch to your fall DIY scarecrow, add a bow and paint the letters “FALL” down the lower front. – Eclectic Red Barn

Originally published by Redfin 

DIY Fall Maple Tree From Cardboard

I’ve found so many cardboard on my storage. I had to do something with it instead of just throw it on the garbage. So first thing I think of was making a fall diy of maple tree from those cardboard.

Maple tree is a beautiful tree; it has a distinguish shape of maple leaf and amazing colors that changing over the seasons. I tried to capture those beautiful colors of maple tree during fall season. And I made an abstract shape of the tree.


Things To Prepared

Things to prepared for making this upcycle diy fall maple tree are:

  • Cardboard
  • Watercolors (red, yellow, orange, green, brown) – fall colors
  • Poster color in white
  • Glue


How To Make

Easy steps to turn cardboard into a pretty fall maple tree decoration are:

  1. Draw different shapes of the maple tree on cardboard and then cut it. Make 7 sheets, less or more sheets depend on the thickness of the cardboard you have. Make it thick enough to be able to stand.
  2. Paint each cardboard sheet with white poster color. Let it dry.
  3. Mixed colors of Fall and paint it on each sheet with different composition. Let it dry.
  4. Glue all sheets together to form a fall maple tree that able to stand. Let it dry.
  5. Your diy fall maple tree is finished!


Very easy and cost you almost nothing to make this fall diy. It would look fabulous if you combine it with the rest of your fall decoration collection. A fall maple tree from cardboard, perfect upcycle fall diy project for your spare time.

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Fall for creativity!


DIY Carved Wall Shelf Decoration

I used to make several diy decorations which I designed when I still had a friend to help with the labor work, especially scroll saw projects. And this is one of my creation I’ve made, a wall shelf decoration. I love the simple carved around the shelve which give a character to the wall shelf. It’s a great decoration to welcoming Fall season in your home.

Some material I prepared for this wall shelf decoration which of course you need a scroll saw as the main tool to get a better result for the pattern cutting.

  • Thin plywood
  • Thick plywood
  • Glue
  • Coffee color paint
  • Frame hangers
  • Sander or sandpapers


I drew the pattern I want on a plywood and then carved the pattern by using a scroll saw. I made the wall shelf from plywood with different thickness, a thin one for the carved sides of the shelve and thick plywood for the body of the shelf. Sanding the surface to get a smoother edges. I spray painted the wall shelf decoration with coffee color. The spray painting process took 2 to 3 coats to get a wonderful finished.

It takes some works and it was not a one day diy, but the result is paid off. How much you can save by making it yourself a carved wall shelve decoration with your personalized pattern?! So, if you have a scroll saw, please try to have fun with it and come up with a creative decoration with your personal touch!


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Carve your creativiy!


DIY Fall Multipurpose Holders From Tissue Cores & Ice Sticks

DIY Fall Multipurpose Holders From Tissue Cores & Ice Sticks

I have some leftovers cork mat from making dog ornaments couple of days ago. Little pieces that to me it’s still useful. I still can make tiny decorations out of those cork scraps. Then it occurred to me to stick those tiny decorations on the ice sticks. Since I got a lot of tissue cores, I incorporated it with ice sticks, and made it into multipurpose holders.

I used the tissue cores as the core/ structure and the ice cream sticks as the as the wall. I made them into different look of holders, all with fall style. There is white paint brush holder, little natural vase, and natural pencil holder. But you can always use the holder for other purpose as you need.

Things I need for this diy are :

  • Tissue cores
  • Ice sticks
  • Cork mat scraps
  • Drawing pen
  • Organic rope
  • Wood glue
  • UHU glue
  • Spray paint
  • Scissors


Easy steps to follow on making fall multipurpose holder :

  1. Glue ice sticks with same length onto the tissue core until it covers all around evenly. Let it dry for a while. I made three holders.
  2. Use the cork mat scraps and cut it into desired shapes. I made a leaf, a heart and an acorn shape. Then I drew an inner line on each shape. I colored the heart shape with white.
  3. I sprayed paint one of the holder with white and leave the other two with its natural ice stick color.
  4. The leaf shape I glued it on the holder for flower vase and finished it with organic rope tied around in ribbon. The diy fall flower vase holder is ready
  5. The white paint brush holder s decorated with the heart shape that glued into the organic ribbon tied around the holder. Diy fall style paint brush holder is ready too!
  6. The natural holder for pencils is decorated with acorn cork ornament and organic rope that glued around the holder on the top and bottom. You’ve got another diy fall holder for collecting your pencils.
  7. Three fall diy which basically multipurpose holders made from tissue cores and ice sticks.


Easy and cheap diy fall multipurpose holders which can also used as fall decoration elements in your home. Easy to make and using upcycle material are great solutions to make seasonal decorations like for now, fall season. This diy also a great project for kids to do some fall crafting session with you because it is a simple craft and fun to make.

So, I hope you get inspired and can be more creative with your own fall diy. Please don’t forget to follow me for more easy fall diys and more other craft projets to come. See you very soon….


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Fall into creativity!


I entered challenges for this diy :

  1. International Art And Soul – Use a non-craft item in your project / Recycle
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  7. Crafting With An Attitude – Anything goes