DIY Winter Wreath Home Sweet Home

I made a smaller wreath or you can call it mini wreath for winter look. I add some flowery ribbon roses to the wreath with nude shades of color. I think this winter wreath can stay hanging for a quite long, maybe until beginning of spring, especially during transition time from winter to spring. A home sweet home sign to a wreath will never gets old.

My DIY Winter Wreath with home sweet home sign and ribbon roses is pretty easy to make. If you don’t know how to make a ribbon rose, you can buy it or find a tutorial in Youtube, it’s easy to make. I don’t show how to make the ribbon rose because there’s already a lot of tutorial about it. I first learned to make it was through a Youtube tutorial too.

Things To Prepare

Always remember to be creative with materials to use, find things that you have which similar to things I use. Try to use used-things or scraps that laying somewhere in your home and upcycle it. Upcycling, restoring, repurposing, recycling; all will save you some money, helps clean up your storage room and be green. Anyway, here are the things I used for my DIY Winter wreath with Home Sweet Home sign:

  • wire ( I used an old wire from my previous project)
  • thick cotton rope
  • UHU glue
  • Gold and silver ribbon
  • Ribbon roses
  • A home sweet home sign ( I made it from craft foam, you can use a small piece of wood plank or any other material you have at home, or simply buy a similar ornament)

How To Make

The wreath is super easy, I don’t make difficult DIYs, why waste your time on decorations, especially seasonal decorations. Find a simple way to make and think of something beautiful to show. Let me share step by step how I made my simple winter wreath.

1. I took a used wire and bend it into a circle. I secured it with adhesive tape. You can use anything that similar, as long as it’s round like a wheel.

2. Wrap the wire with thick cotton rope and use glue while you tilt it around.

3. Prepare your ribbon roses, I have ribbon roses in many colors, I love to make them from my ribbon collection in my spare time.

4. Make a Home Sweet Home Sign from a craft foam. You can use wooden plank instead. I used the brown craft foam which I cut into a home shape and add some snow along the roof with a white marker. Then I wrote “sweet home” as the sign has already in the shape of a home.

5. Glue a silver ribbon to the wreath as a hanger then add some gold ribbons.

6. Now glue three different sizes and natural color tones of ribbon roses to the wreath.

7. To finish it of, paste the Home Sweet Home sign to the wreath.

I love this wreath, it has a simple look of a modern wreath. The colors are calming, just great for winter season until transitioning to spring. I hope you are inspired with my DIY Winter Wreath Home Sweet Home. And if you need more DIY inspirations along 2021, you can check out my Top Ten DIY Posts Of 2020!

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Happy creative beginning of 2021!