Easy And Quick Monster Pin For Kid’s Craft

During this Covid-19 pandemic, kids are at home with parents; sounds great until they spent most of your work-at-home time…lol! You have to keep your kids entertained to keep them away from boredom, especially those who lives in apartment. One of the best way is to keep them busy by making fun craft for kid’s activity. And I have a very easy and quick kid’s craft you can ask your kids to play along with. It’s a cute monster pin!

I made a monster pin out of a bottle cover which happen to be in green color. So, it’s super easy and quick for me to the turn the bottle cap into a monster pin with three wiggling eyes. My kid went banana with the wiggle eyes green monster I made and drew some monsters and attached it to a toothpick, so cute! But since I have only one mayo-bottle cover, so I just made one green monster pin. Let’s find out the fun, easy and quick steps to make your kids happy!


Things To Prepare

You should collect some of your bottle cap to make this upcycling craft. And of course some googling eyes as the main star. Other supplies may be already in your craft box. So, here are the list of diy monster pin with wiggling eyes:

  • Bottle cap ( mine is happened to be green, but you can paint yours with desired color)
  • Three wiggling eyes
  • White marker
  • Black marker
  • Safety pin
  • UHU glue
  • Hot glue


How To Make

The steps to make this googling eyes monster pin are super easy and very quick to make. It took not more than five minutes to make, and most of the time spent for was waiting for the drying process. Okay, learn the simple steps and have fun with your young ones with googling eyes monster!

  1. Take the bottle cover and clean it. Paint it with your desired color if you have to. I was lucky to get a green monster color for the bottle cover.
  2. Draw the monster’s teeth with black marker for the outline and color the teeth with white permanent marker. Wait for it to dry.
  3. Glue the three wiggling eyes onto the bottle which serves as a pin. Let it dry.
  4. Get a hot glue gun and apply some to the back of the pin and attach a safety pin while it’s hot. Let it dry. Finished!


Tips : Try different colors for the monster pin. Use bold colors for the monsters, like red, green, orange, purple. Put one big wiggling eyes for one-eye monster, two eyes with big and small googling eyes, and same sizes wiggling eyes for three or five eyes monster. Different type of teeth will also give character to each monster you create. So, be experimental and creative with your kids to make this pin craft. Sometimes your little ones have more imagination than you are.

Super cute isn’t it? Easy and quick to make too! So, what are you waiting for, get your craft supplies and bring your kids to participate in this fun kid’s craft. You and your kids can explore many colors, sizes and amount of the googling eyes you want to have for your monster pin. Have fun crafting with your kids!

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